How to Use an Online Task Manager

It’s 9 am. Do you know where your tasks are?

Are they scattered about your list on sticky notes, dangerously near to dropping into the waste bin? Or are they all filed away on Excel spreadsheets, where no one else can see them? Or are you a fan of task lists, so much so that you have tons of lists or even lists of lists?

Task management is supposed to keep you from becoming overwhelmed by work. If you’re not aware of where you are in terms of completing all of your tasks, then you’re unable to track the progress of them. Managing tasks is a fundamental part of project management, of course, but it can apply to any work that you or your team needs to be done. You could use a static spreadsheet or even a notebook or loose sticky notes, but that’s not an efficient way to manage tasks, especially if you want to get them done on time.

What you want to do is take your task management online. An online task manager helps you simply and easily know if your tasks or your team’s tasks are due, overdue, in progress, completed, or blocked. It can tell you how many of your tasks are overdue, without complex calculations that take forever. It can tell you who is overloaded and unable to even get to their assigned tasks, and who has time on their plate to help out. With online task management, you’ll never forget about a task – you don’t have to memorize minute details about each task or remember who asked for what.

The online task tool does it all for you.

Let’s look at how a task management tool can help you with managing your tasks, teams, and help keep everyone on track.

how an online task manager makes task management easier

Managing Tasks

A task tracker online will improve your productivity. It can track tasks across all your projects. You can easily see which tasks are due, which are overdue and what tasks are on schedule to be completed on time.

Furthermore, with a task tracker online, you can filter your task list. It’s not a paper document that can only display what’s written on it the way your initially wrote it. Now you can check your list by its due date, owner, project or any other detail you use as a metric. You can filter online task lists by:

  • Due Date
  • Owner
  • Project
  • Attachments
  • Progress

Not only are you able to see the state of a task, but you can update a task anywhere. You can update tasks even through your mobile device. If you need, attach notes, files and links to document the history of the task and the reasoning behind why it was updated. Track comments, as well as production notes and document handoffs.

online task managers foster collaboration

Managing Teams

You might wonder at how an online task list can help you manage teams. So glad you asked! It’s important to think beyond simple task lists, and image all the benefits an online task list can offer:

  • Assign tasks to others
  • Track progress of other people’s tasks
  • Collaborate on tasks
  • Add images or documents to tasks
  • Chat on tasks
  • Monitor task progress by project or person
  • See who has time to take on work, and who is overloaded.
  • View tasks as lists or on Gantt charts


Online task management gives you a real-time window into all your team’s work. You can see whether a task is overdue because of a resource allocation problem or whether a team member is blocked. You can also assign multiple people to the same tasks, even in-house or remote team members, of course, because you’re able to update those tasks anytime and from anywhere. Whether you or your team is working remotely, you’re never too far from your work to keep your team updated with your progress.

You can also share tasks with team members or share the task URL with anyone involved with the project who needs to know. Or link to tasks from other systems, which is something you cannot do with a static spreadsheet, a prisoner to your desktop. Now your tasks are easily on view and can be updated throughout your daily work day.

You can have group discussions on tasks in real-time. This is a great way to keep updated on the tasks, solve problems and foster collaboration, so everyone is part of the process which helps avoid unnecessary delays.

Does your task management tool do all that?

By having an online task manager you’re no longer working in isolation. You’re able to work with your team in a timely manner, and you’re also able to see their progress. And to keep all your tasks on schedule, you must know that they’re being done according to the scheduled plan.

Staying on Track

Whether you’re managing your team’s tasks or your own to-do list, another great benefit of taking your task management online is that much of the tracking work can be automated, so you’re able to keep focused on more critical matters of project management. Forget about missing deadlines because you or someone in your team spaced out. With system reminders and automatic email alerts, your team is always aware of when tasks are due (or overdue.) An online task manager is designed to keep up up-to-date on every task, so you don’t have to do the follow-up work to remind you what tasks are due when.

Plus, you can easily monitor all your task progress in one place when you’re working with an online task management tool. Instead of having to jump from one spreadsheet to another or program to program, you can view your progress via reports, a dashboard chart, or even in the task list, to see what work you have outstanding, compared to what tasks you’ve already completed.

You just don’t get that in Excel…

Tasks are part of any project, and the better you can manage them, the better you’ll be able to lead your project to a successful end. With, a cloud-based project management software, you’re able to manage your tasks and keep the project and team tasks on track. Because the data you’re getting is in real-time, you’re able to make timely decisions and keep your tasks on schedule. See how it can help your task management by taking this free 30-day trial.


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