Presenting the New is well known as the premier software for planning projects, and with today’s major release, we’re adding powerful new features—transforming our award-winning software into a central hub where teams can work, plan and achieve amazing things together.

Today, with the launch of the all new, we’re going way beyond traditional project planning!

In addition to new features like Kanban boards and upgraded task lists, this release contains big improvements to the look and feel of the software, plus some impressive performance upgrades under the hood.

The New Kanban View

Why the Change?

When we originally built our project management software in 2008, our aim was to help customers plan complex projects online with Gantt-style planning tools. Over the years though, we’ve seen that the meaning of “project” has changed and evolved in the modern workplace.

Today, not all projects are long and complex. Sometimes they’re small and quick, like a sprint. Some projects are even ongoing with no end dates; these are best managed with simple task lists or Kanban boards.

So, to make sure our software meets the needs of every customer, we’ve worked hard to build a new version of that offers an easy-to-use, overarching solution that everyone in your organization will love, no matter what kind of projects they work on.

What’s New?

The new takes team collaboration to a whole new level. Projects can now be worked on in three different views: Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and task lists. You can seamlessly switch between the three views at any time, giving teams flexibility to choose the view that best fits their work style.

Introducing Kanban Boards

The most prominent addition to the new is the Kanban board. Over the years, this was the most frequently requested feature from our customers, and we listened!

We added the Kanban board so people can tackle agile projects in our software, right alongside their Gantt projects. Our Kanban board is simple and intuitive, featuring a drag and drop interface with columns and cards that can be customized at will.

New Kanban projects are also linked to our dashboards and time tracking features, so you’ll get the simplicity of the Kanban interface combined with in-depth data analysis and reporting. This is Kanban like you’ve never seen before.

Personal Work Management Upgrades

We’ve completely reimagined personal work management in this version of We realize that not every task needs to live inside a project, so you can now create tasks that aren’t tied to projects within your “My Work” space.

“My Work” also gives you more flexibility as to how you want to manage your personal upcoming work. Now you can manage your to-do lists using multiple views: task lists, Kanban boards and calendars.

3 Different Views for Managing Work

We’ve also made big improvements to task lists in this update, giving you a simple and intuitive way to get your work done. Don’t be fooled by the clean design of the tasks section though; we’ve added powerful new features for better collaboration so that you and your team can work better together.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Share anything you want with whomever you want in the new With our upgraded collaboration features, it’s now possible to link to and share specific tasks or comments, accelerating the communication process.

There’s also a whole new section of our software dedicated to team management where you can set up groups to organize users by department. Quickly share projects only to a specific team, the entire company, or keep a project private for yourself. Our project permissions provide a better experience for companies that have different teams with different needs.

Our new team management features also make it easier than ever to onboard team members and get them brought up to speed with the work and the tools that they need.

No longer will anyone be overwhelmed by too much information or overly sophisticated feature sets. With our intelligent feature placements, team members can use the tools they want without having to see the stuff they don’t. The new intelligently adapts to the different needs of your team.

Modern Design for Modern Work

Hundreds of hours of testing and design work have gone into a complete overhaul of our product. Everything about it has been improved: aesthetics, speed, performance—you name it. You can even customize the software’s background with high-definition themes to make your workspace truly your own. The new design not only makes our software prettier, it makes work easier and more fun!

You might notice a little green kiwi bird hanging around our software… that’s Stanley, our new mascot! Stanley is a flightless bird who doesn’t let his inability-to-fly hold him back, so he’s always finding creative ways to get around. Stanley epitomizes our refreshed outlook on what it means to work hard, and our dedication to improving every single day. New Mascot, Stanley

What Hasn’t Changed?

Yes, we’ve added loads of new features, but we didn’t lose sight of who we are. We’ve maintained the roots that made us an award-winning project management software, including interactive Gantt charts, real-time dashboards, timesheets, workload calendars and portfolio management features.

With the new, we’ve simply made our powerful project management tools available to every team: IT departments, marketing agencies, software teams, freelancers, and more. now provides all of the tools your company needs to get organized and do amazing things.

Ready to try it out? You can go here to take a free 30-day trial.

Note: If you’re an existing customer, know that we’ll continue to support the legacy version of our software indefinitely. We have no plans to moonlight the legacy platform at the moment, as thousands of teams continue to use it every single day. However, if you would like to try out the new version to compare your options, please contact [email protected] for assistance.


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