What Is Mobile Project Management?


Mobile project management is when your PM tools are cloud-based and extend to mobile apps, and your team is no longer tethered to a desktop or server. Your files are no longer imprisoned within the plastic walls of your computer or the digital framework of your organization’s intranet.

The idea of setting your software free can be a scary one. The project might have proprietary material or there could be other security issues that keep you anchored to an old-fashioned and clunky program. However, the truth is that your data is safer on the cloud and its massive and secure servers, than it is on your personal or company’s more easily compromised equipment.

Project management apps are plentiful and offer the same features a regular project management software. But mobile project management helps you work more efficiently and run a more productive project.

benefits of online pm

Management Everywhere

When you use project management with mobile devices you’re giving yourself and your team the ability to manage tasks whether they’re in the office, on site or anywhere. They can work on whatever device they have, with the mobile application.

Not just teams, but team leaders get the control they need to manage with online projects. You can create a new project, add tasks and deadlines with ease. It’s even easy to invite team members or other project participants to view the project.

Manage on Multiple Platforms

Because project management apps are completely online they offer a flexibility impossible for your desktop program with integrations with Google, MS Project, MS Office and more. While an online PM software can run on a desktop, if its connected to the web, you can’t take your desktop with you to a meeting or into the field.

It doesn’t matter what operating system you or your team uses, even if you use different ones, there is an iPad app, iOS and Android project management programs to suit whatever device you use. Now you’re able to manage your project on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

Everyone Is on the Same Page

Not all tasks are completed at the same time. Some are done outside of the office and perhaps not updated until that team member returns to the office, possible not until the next day. That means you’re working with data that is no longer relevant. You don’t want to make decisions or generate reports on outdated information.

Project management with mobile devices makes sure that you’re working on the most current information. Team members can update their status anywhere and at any time. Because that data is recorded in real-time, it updates your dashboard instantly.  Not only is your reporting more accurate, but the whole team is aware of where the project actual is, not a snapshot of the project’s most recent past.

Great for Collaboration

To paraphrase John Donne, no one can collaborate on an island. A desktop computer is isolated, even if it’s connected to your office server. Sure, you’ll be able to email people, maybe even chat, if you have an app installed, but that’s on par with two tin cans connected by a string compared to the immediacy of mobile communications.

Whether your team is situated in one place or distributed across the globe, they’re connected by mobile project management and able to work together to solve problems. Giving them the autonomy to collaborate has many benefits. For one, it creates buy-in to the project and frees your team up to do what they were hired to do. Secondly, you build loyalty, because you trust your team, and that is a great way to retain valued employees.

Most important, of course, is that collaboration is good for the project. Team members, like you, are always online, so instead of forcing them off devices they feel comfortable with, you’re encouraging them to work in a collaborative environment of their own creation. Their smartphones can now be instruments to enter project data that then syncs with the project online to keep everyone updated.

Also, online project management software has tools that foster collaboration by giving team members ample ways to brainstorm on project problems. Team members can set up group chats around a task or dialogue privately if needed. They can also attach files, images, links, whatever’s relevant to these discussions, creating a narrative that can be archived to help resolve similar problems in the future.

Saves Money and Time

You know that buying a project management software can be expensive, but then there’s the complexity of attaching the system to your office server, not to mention the steep learning curve needed to learn how to operate these bulky and counterintuitive programs.

Mobile project management removes those headaches. It’s online, so there’s no installation, and the user interface is usually intuitive and requires little to no training. You just sign up and start. It’s as easy as that. No hoops to jump through. The idea here is to make project management easier.

Of course, you might not have the luxury of choosing your project management software. Many larger organizations have legacy equipment, such as Microsoft Project, which doesn’t lend itself to sharing and collaboration. Yes, there’s SharePoint to exchange files, but that’s an added expense on an already expensive system, and it doesn’t have half the flexibility of a truly mobile project management program.

Thankfully, there are workarounds. Some online project management apps that can import MS Project plans so you can do all the work you can’t do easily in MS Project. Once you’ve edited the file, you can then export it back to MS Project and all your changes are saved. That way, you don’t have to have multiple licenses and spend more money, and your team is happy because they can work freely on their mobile devices. If the project progresses smoothly and everyone’s happy, that’s a win-win.

ProjectManager.com is a win-win. It’s a mobile plus online project management tool so you can access it anytime, anywhere and on any device. See how it can free you and your team, by taking this free 30-day trial.

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