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Project management is having a bit of a moment. It’s not your parent’s staid profession any more. People have discovered that projects are everywhere. Anything that has a start and a finish in which you end up with a product or service is a project, and someone needs to shepherd that process to a successful end.

As the profession blossoms, the tools to help are booming. They’re everywhere. New apps are launched almost daily, with big ad campaigns. You can’t open a webpage, newspaper or even listen to the radio without seeing or hearing about some hip new program designed to solve all your problems.

But managing a project is more than cute names and trendy designs. Those things are fine, but you want more practical bones that can support the efficient and productive run of your project. Not to toot our own horn, but is developed by project managers for project managers. It cuts out the garnish to have more room to serve the meal.

What does that mean? That provides you the tools you need, clearly designed for ease of use, with the purpose of managing your project through every stage of its life cycle. We’re proud to service our industry with the best project management software out there. Don’t take our word for it. The Gartner business software ranking site GetApp has ranked us #1 in several PM software categories for several years running.

Okay, enough talk. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: why is the online PM software you need?

best project management tool

Real-Time Dashboard

When it comes to project management tools, the dashboard is the industry leader. From here you have a view of the entire project (or all your projects on the portfolio dashboard). Here on one page are all your project metrics, from costs, health and the tasks of your projects, to just name a few.

Because our software is cloud-based, your dashboard is updated in real time. When a team member completes a task that information is instantly reflected on your dashboard. If a time sheet is submitted, you know immediately. Now you have the most current and accurate view of the project possible, so your decisions are informed.

Yes, that means you can view your team’s workload and track your project easily, but the dashboard is more than great project tracker software. Your dashboard captures project data and can even import any project in seconds, but it also creates dynamic graphs and charts to illustrate the data it receives in real-time with easy to understand graphics, and those graphs and charts can be easily shared when you’re reporting to stakeholders or sharing data with team members.

Online Gantt Charts

The online Gantt charts are also award-winning PM tools, offering advanced project planning and scheduling features that rival MS Project, while serving as a team collaboration, too. Plus, they are easy to use. Gantt charts have a bad reputation for being difficult to use and time-consuming to update, which is all true if you’re using Excel. However, the Gantt chart is online, interactive and collaborative. So literally anyone can use it to plan a project.

For one thing, you’re always changing a deadline to adjust your schedule as issues arise in a project. When you’re using a static Gantt chart it is indeed a pain to edit, but with our online Gantt chart tool all you need to do to adjust the start and end dates on a task is drag and drop the task bar. It’s really that simple.

It also features advanced Gantt chart tools like critical path, baselining, custom columns, work breakdown structure, task & inter-project dependencies, and milestones. Whether you’re an advanced Gantt user or just getting started, you’ll find the Gantt easy to use. Of course, the online Gantt chart is fully integrated with your real-time dashboard, so all your reports widgets on the dashboard are updated as tasks are completed, so you always know whether your project is on track.


Of course, before you can monitor and report on your project, you must have a plan and implement it. project tools give you the features to make this task simple and effective. You can start by making a task list in our software or a spreadsheet, if you prefer, which can then be seamlessly imported into our tool.

Once your tasks are in the system, just update with a planned due date and your online Gantt chart will populate with a timeline giving you a visual of that task’s duration over the schedule of the whole project. Once your project is launched, you’ll be able to see your team’s progress as the bar on the Gantt chart will shade to indicate how far they are in completing the task.

You can invite the team, assign them tasks and get them to collaborate on the planning. They can update their tasks wherever they are, on the desktop or mobile application. In terms of collaborating, the team can communicate around that task on the Gantt chart, adding files that relate, and work together to finish the job.

With the plan in place and the project active, doesn’t rest on its laurels. You can automate email notifications to keep you and everyone else on the project alerted to its progress. When plans are updated, everyone knows. That way everyone in in loop and there’s less a likelihood of missing a deadline.

Task Management

Your plan is made up of smaller plans, or tasks, which need management. With you can improve your project’s productivity, as well as having a window on the tasks deadline, be it your personal task list or the one assigned to a team member. To make that task of task management even easier, you can filter those task lists by due date, owner, project and more.

When you need to update a task, it’s easy to do so from your desktop or mobile app. Again, you can attach notes, files, links, production notes, etc., and track the commentary from team members, which is all archived. This is another platform on which you can use a team collaborative tool to get tasks done faster and with less headaches.

The automated emails apply with task management, too. You can set up notifications to give team members a head’s up for when a deadline is approaching. In turn, when they’ve completed the task, you get notified. Because our project management software is online, you’re able to do this anywhere and at any time that suits your schedule. You can use our task management app to get more work done.


Ah, reporting: the bane of every project manager’s existence. But seriously, it’s few who find more than frustration at the tedious but necessary task of project reporting. Again, has your back, making it simple to generate project reports for stakeholders or to monitor the progress of your team, in any format that can then be shared or printed with a keystroke.

One size doesn’t fit all with reporting, of course. The report for a stakeholder is going to have more general data, while team members are going to need more detail directed towards their tasks. That’s why we give you the ability to filter the project and data columns that are relevant to the report you’re making and customize them to the audience you’re targeting.

Since the data is archived online, if you need to drill down into the details that information is but a click away, so you’re never without the information you need. Also, you can use these reports as a tool to monitor your progress in the project, comparing the actual progress against where you planned to be now in the project. Our software tracks how far ahead or behind you are, so you don’t have to.


Timesheets are the first thing you think of when managing a project, but they’re another critical brick in your project management. As noted earlier, when your team is updating their timesheets you’re able to track their progress because that data is delivered to you in real-time.

Your team can submit their timesheets from anywhere and at any time, but timesheets on our software also sync with your team’s tasks, so all their work time is reflected on the timesheet, which they can then preview and submit. That way you can monitor their progress on the real-time online dashboard, also noting their task status and overall project progress.

Now you can easily approve, knowing that the timesheet is linked to your team’s tasks, updated and then locked when they send them to you. You’ll be alerted by our software when the timesheet has been submitted and is ready for your review. Then you can approve it with one click.

There are a lot of uses for timesheets you might not have thought of, especially when you drill into the data on a timesheet report. Some of those things are noting who has what expertise on your team, seeing who might need further training, as well as another means for measuring the efficiency of your team. See, timesheets should be one of the first things you think about when managing your projects!



The online Gantt chart is just one of the tools offers for scheduling all your projects and offering you visibility into every aspect of your project and involve your team as well. Now you can easily schedule tasks and add milestones while managing and collaborating with your team.

There are many scheduling tools in that help with project tracking, such as the personal task lists and calendars, which can be updated anytime and anywhere so you and your team know where you are and where you should be on the project schedule.

Your team’s schedule can be easily managed by scheduling working days, being able to view their ability and manage hourly rates. You can see when someone has vacation time, so you can reallocate your resources to make sure their absence doesn’t block another team member or negatively impact the project schedule. With color-coding, it’s easy to see it all at a glance.

Plus, you can sync our calendar tool with your Google calendar, keeping everything in one place. You can also create a personal and project calendar to view resources and tasks deadlines, as well as your project milestones. All of which can be easily shared.

Wow, that’s a lot of great features, and it only scratches the surface of what can do. From planning to monitoring to reporting on your project, all in real-time, our cloud-based project management software is the one tool you need to get the job done. Try it out for yourself and see, by taking this free 30-day trial.


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