Flexible Task Scheduling

Our interactive and collaborative scheduling tools enable flexibility in task scheduling and management. The task scheduling features allow you to:

  • Schedule task duration
  • Schedule planned effort on a task
  • Drag & drop task to reschedule on the gantt
  • Assign and re-assign resource allocation per tasks


Plus, teams to have multiple ways to view and edit tasks in several areas of the system. Individual team members can view and update their scheduled tasks with a personalized My Tasks page, or on their calendars. And managers have complete visibility into tasks across the project and portfolio with the online Gantt and Tasks panes on their Roadmap.

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Resource Scheduling & Management

When you combine scheduling and time-tracking in one tool, you have the most powerful way to manage your projects and your teams. Our resource scheduling features are combined with resource management in our system so that updates in one area like Timesheets are captured on the overall project plan.

In ProjectManager.com, you can manage your resources in a number of ways. You can:

  • Schedule holidays & non-working days
  • Schedule non-human resources (like equipment and venues)
  • Define resource hourly availability
  • Define resource hourly costs
  • Create project teams
  • Schedule team & individual workload

With at-a-glance views of resource availability and workload per task and per project, you can make sure your team is properly allocated to meet your scheduled project goals.

Schedule Any Kind of Project

No two projects are alike, and no project every goes exactly according to plan. Thankfully, online project scheduling has never been easier or more flexible. With ProjectManager.com, you can:

  • Schedule large or small projects
  • Set baselines
  • Schedule tasks
  • Assign resources
  • Create project groups
  • Collaborate with project teams


Whether you’re building a dam or developing a website, our tools are designed to give you visibility into every area of your project and involve your team in the process.

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Calendar, List & Gantt Views

Maintaining project visibility into your project schedule and task deadlines requires different views for you and your team. Managers might like the Gantt planning view of the project schedule, whereas some team members might like a calendar or list view. Plus, you need clear insight into project scheduling to know whether you’re meeting your planned goals. With ProjectManager.com, you can:

  • View both resources and tasks on the calendar
  • View Project Roadmap on the Gantt
  • View the critical path on the Gantt
  • View task details on the task pane
  • View Individual tasks on the My Tasks page

And those are just a few of the ways you can drilldown to the details of your project schedule. Learn more about the Gantt

Monitor & Report

With project and portfolio dashboards offering real-time views into project status, task progress, resource availability and project budget, you have complete visibility into your projects and team performance. From multiple areas in the product, you can:

  • Monitor planned versus actual progress
  • Report on status, timesheets, resources, expenses and more
  • Add milestones to your schedule
  • Get real-time dashboards
  • View, print & share reports & dashboards

Plus, with collaborative scheduling features, and email alerts, you and your team can monitor any changes to tasks and projects schedules together wherever you are.

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