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Scheduling can be hard, but software can make it more manageable. If you’re not quite ready to make the leap to an online project scheduling software, though, then schedule templates for Excel can be a decent substitute to get started. ProjectManager has dozens of free templates that you can download to assist managing every phase of your project. Here are a few project schedule templates to help you get started right away.

Gantt Chart Template

Schedules are made up of tasks—a lot of tasks. The crucial step in scheduling any project is organizing those tasks. You need to estimate their duration and set a priority for each so your team knows what to do, and when to do it. A task list can start this process, but you’ll quickly find yourself hitting a wall unless you use a Gantt chart.

image of's Gantt Chart template

Gantt charts are visual tools that take every project task and place them on a timeline. You can see each task in relation to the others, since they’re represented as bars. Our Gantt chart template helps you set start and end dates, shows dependencies between tasks and breaks up the phases of your project by color to easily differentiate one from another. It’s an ideal project schedule template.

You can discuss building the Gantt with your team, who’ll help you better estimate durations. Then, once you’ve created the schedule on your Gantt, share the chart with your stakeholders. It will provide a map of the project and help to orient them when you regularly update them throughout execution.

If you import your template into ProjectManager, you’ll get even more power from your Gantt chart. ProjectManager has real-time project data that feeds into your Gantt chart, so as your team completes their tasks, the schedule automatically updates. Plus, you get access to advanced features like schedule baselines, task dependencies, milestones and critical path calculations. Try our project management software for free today.

project schedule on a Gantt chart

Work Schedule Template

Your project schedule is just a collection of dates if you don’t coordinate it with your resources. Resources are anything you need to get the job done—this includes equipment, materials and, most importantly, your team. Organizing these resources to work with your schedule, and bring the project to a successful conclusion on time, is where a work schedule comes in handy.

image of's Work Schedule template

Our work schedule template allows you to collect all the people in your team or organization, designate where they’re located (if they’re working remotely), include their working hours and what work they’re responsible for. All of this is laid out over a period of time, usually over a week or month.

The flexibility of this project schedule template stems from its ability to adapt to various work schedules. There is the traditional 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. But some projects or organizations are working all week, around the clock. These shifts can be fixed or set as rotating. Whether your workers are part-time or full-time, this work schedule template will help you keep them organized.

Task Tracking Template

Once you have a project schedule and your resources are organized, the real fun begins. When executing your tasks, it’s important to have the means to monitor progress and make sure the actual progress meets the planned progress. Our task tracking template lets you capture your work and helps you keep on schedule.

image of's Task Tracking Template

This project schedule template serves as more than a to-do list, but less than what task management software can do. However, the template will let you keep track of your task’s status, priority, time and resources. It follows the tasks through its life cycle from ready to assigned, terminated or expired, forwarded to finished or failed.

If you’re looking for a more dynamic tool to track your tasks and keep you on schedule, then you’ll want to upgrade to an online project management software. You’ll get high-level views of progress with a dashboard and more in-depth data from the various reporting features. You’ll also want features to manage your resources and easily edit your schedule as changes occur.

Change Log Template

The unexpected happens to even the best-planned projects. Your project schedule is a living document that needs to be able to respond to change requests from stakeholders. Or, other variables such as weather, sick team members or problems in your supply chain can interrupt your progress. You need to have a change log that keeps track of these changes.

image of's Change Log template

Using our change log template helps you identify and follow the change as it moves through your project. This makes sure nothing falls through the cracks, and gives you the tools you need to control and manage that change. The change log provides visibility into the process. You assign someone on your team to resolve it, which lets you establish accountability.

You also get to prioritize the change, as not every change is equal in importance. Then, you can track the change from start to finish. The template has a place for you to number the change, when it was first identified, who owns it and its current status. Each row of the spreadsheet captures one change, so you have an orderly document to manage the process.

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ProjectManager is award-winning software that helps you organize tasks and meet deadlines on your schedule. Use interactive Gantt charts to plan your schedule, link dependent tasks and set milestones. Avoid bottlenecks in your schedule by having your team work on kanban boards that visualize their workflow. A real-time dashboard and one-click reports monitor and tracks your progress. Get the only tool you’ll need to manage your project by taking this free 30-day trial today.

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