3 Ways to Set Quality Targets in Your Plan


In this video, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows a method for quality control by providing three ways to set quality targets when in the planning stages of your project.

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Set Quality Targets

In Review: How to Set Quality Targets in Your Plan

Remembering to set quality targets in your project plan, Jennifer said, can be easy to overlook. Furthermore, quality measures can easily be cut from a plan in favor of other priorities. In order to avoid this scenario, she recommended first knowing the process for managing your project to determine when you should set your quality targets. While not every project is the same, Jennifer recommends setting quality targets in the planning phase. When you’re in the middle of monitoring and controlling your project, you’re likely to forget your quality management plan!

Jennifer recommended these best practices:

  1. Take time to plan
  2. Make sure targets are relevant
  3. Define upfront and change along the way

She also gave some helpful tips about how to determine what quality targets to set. You need to begin with the end in mind. What are you trying to achieve? How do those align with broader business objectives? Jennifer recommended the following to determine how to set quality targets:

  1. Reference industry standards
  2. Leverage in-house experts
  3. Collaborate with stakeholders

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Pro-Tip: As Jennifer noted, you cannot control or improve what you do not measure. Therefore, it’s crucial you begin by setting quality targets with the end of your project in mind and ask yourself whether it complies with the project, organization and industry requirements. To go further, check out Jennifer’s other video on how to meet project quality targets.

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Hello, everyone. Today, we’re talking about three ways to set quality targets in your plan. No matter what, don’t forget to set your quality targets because they can be so easy to overlook.

First of all, let’s look at the project management process groups to see when we set our quality targets. We set them in the planning process group. We set them here because in executing we’re going to use them to perform our quality assurance activities. We’re also going to use them in monitoring and controlling for our quality control activities.

Why do we even want to set quality targets? First of all, we want to begin with the end in mind for thinking about our deliverables for what we’re producing. It could be the service. It could be the product. We want to know does this comply with the requirements. The requirements could be from the project. It could be from the organization. Or it even could be from our industry.

So remember, you cannot control or improve what you do not measure. We’ve got to measure them. We’ve got to set them. They’ll be used during the project.

A couple of best practices. One, take the time to plan. It is, as you can see, part of the process. Make sure the targets are relevant and defined upfront because we can always change them along the way.

What are the three ways that we set the quality targets? First of all, we reference industry standards. The industry standards could be at a federal level or even an international level. We leverage our in-house experts, because they are the people who have the knowledge and experience of our customer needs and of our corporate standards.

And so, collaborate with the stakeholders because they are the voice. They are the approval for what’s acceptable and relevant for our project.

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