What Happened to the Wunderlist App? 5 Wunderlist Alternatives for 2024


The power of a simple to-do list can take your productivity to new heights. With them you can organize all the work that needs to be done for your project and strategize a way to tackle it.

That’s the value that the Wunderlist software, a well-loved cloud-based to-do list app, brought to the table. Unfortunately, Wunderlist shut down in 2020, much to the disappointment of its users. But don’t mourn! If you’re looking for a tool that does what it did, there’s hope.

Read on to learn exactly what happened, and to get our recommendations on a quality task management software to replace Wunderlist. We tried each of the biggest players to find the right one for you.

What Happened to Wunderlist?

Why did Wunderlist shut down? You can blame it on Microsoft. The software behemoth bought out the company in 2015 as a strategic decision to drive the Wunderlist customer base into the new Microsoft To Do software.

If you were already using Wunderlist, it will continue to work—but it’s no longer possible for a new user to sign up. But even the last Wunderlist holdouts are going to need to move away eventually. As of May 6, 2020, the to-do lists no longer sync, with only the option to import those lists into Microsoft To Do.

For the time being, your data in Wunderlist can still be accessed, but legacy software applications only maintain support for so long. That, of course, isn’t ideal. Lovers of task management are going to need to find a Wunderlist alternative.

Why Did People Use Wunderlist?

People used Wunderlist because it did what it said it would do: manage your tasks. It didn’t hurt that the free version was full of features that essentially made buying the paid tool unnecessary, especially if you were just looking for a simple to-do list.

The interface was also inviting and intuitive to use. The app would work as well on a desktop application or mobile app, so it was convenient. Plus, if you wanted to collaborate with teammates, the paid version offered good collaborative tools to facilitate that effort. There was no steep learning curve—starting a list was simple.

The 5 Best Wunderlist Alternatives

It’s more than likely that Wunderlist will shut down soon, so it would be wise to look for a Wunderlist alternative, even if you’re happy with the tool.

We researched the best task management apps out there and came back with these five. One is sure to be the right one for you.

1. ProjectManager

ProjectManager is an award-winning to-do list and task management software that lets you manage your tasks to drive progress. It’s more than just a task list, though, having the tools and features to manage projects, both big and small. Best of all, it’s easy to use!

Because ProjectManager is a cloud-based to-do list app, you can easily update your progress no matter where you are so long as you have access to an internet connection.

ProjectManager also has advanced task management features that allow you to assign priority levels and due dates to prioritize your work. You can get started quickly by importing tasks, too. As your tasks begin to add up, you can filter the task list by the due date, owner, project and more. Plus, there’s a generous 30-day free trial so you can try out its features for yourself.

Project management training video (rqhx5o2ont)

If you’re working with a team, you can collaborate by adding comments and files to each of your tasks. You can also set up in-app notifications and email alerts that will be sent when a task’s status changes.

Plus, unlike Wunderlust and other Wunderlust alternatives, you can visualize your workflow with the kanban view, which displays your tasks as cards. Teams can move the cards between columns to manage their backlog and plan sprints.

A screenshot of the Kanban board project view

It also has an intuitive interface that doesn’t require any training, though they have great customer service to field any questions. With all of these fantastic task management features at a very attractive price, ProjectManager is the clear choice for those looking for a Wunderlist alternative.


  • Team plan: $13 user/month
  • Business plan: $24 user/month


  • Does ProjectManager offer a free trial? Yes, ProjectManager has a 30-day free trial
  • Does ProjectManager have a mobile project management app? Yes, it’s available for Android and iOS

2. Microsoft To Do microsoft to do logo

Microsoft To Do is where Microsoft wants Wunderlist users to migrate and call home. It’s a task management app that is built to make you more productive. Naturally, it syncs with Outlook Tasks and other MS tools, like Microsoft Planner. Its to-do lists are basic and it’s free, so if you’re looking for a solution that just gives you lists and works with the rest of your MS tools, then this might be enough.

It’s in the process of harvesting the best of Wunderlist and planting it into its app, but it’s at best a work in progress. You’re not going to fall in love with it as you did with Wunderlist, but as a Wunderlist alternative, it clears the lowest hurdles. That doesn’t mean new iterations won’t live up to the promise MS made when they acquired Wunderlist, but hopefully, you’re patient.


  • Free


  • Does Microsoft To Do have a mobile project management app? Yes, it’s available for Android and iOS

3. Asana asana logo

Asana is more than a task management tool. It places most of its chips on collaboration and does a good job at both managing tasks and fostering collaboration. That said, it can be a bit confusing at first, but you’ll want to stick around for the flexibility and features it offers.

While they don’t have a fully functional Gantt chart, they have recently added a timeline feature, which makes it easier to deal with task dependencies. As a Wunderlist alternative, it works great and does more than that app, though it’s not ideal for any graphics-intensive work you might do.


  • Premium plan: $10.99 user/month
  • Business plan: $24.99 user/month


  • Does Asana offer a free trial? Yes, Asana has a 30-day free trial
  • Does Asana offer a free version? Yes, Asana offers a free plan
  • Does Asana have a mobile project management app? Yes, it’s available for Android and iOS

4. Trello trello logo

Trello manages your tasks with a kanban board tool that lets you customize boards and manage workflows, but it falls short of an all-in-one project management tool. Its flexibility and its ability to work on desktops and mobile apps are selling points. The lack of Gantt charts, time-tracking and progress reports might turn you off.

While it might be missing some features, like a Trello Gantt chart, it’s a fun app and does what it does well. It’s great for organizing and coordinating your work and is built more for teams than individuals. That and the fact that it’s easy to use are more than enough pros to make users interested in using it as a Wunderlist alternative.


  • Standard: $5 user/month
  • Premium: $10 user/month
  • Enterprise: $17.50 user/month


  • Does Trello offer a free trial? Yes, Trello has a 14-day free trial
  • Does Trello offer a free version? Yes, Trello offers a free plan
  • Does Trello have a mobile project management app? Yes, it’s available for Android and iOS

5. Todoist todoist logo

Todoist is a productivity app that can organize all your tasks in robust to-do lists. It works with Mac, Windows and many browser extensions. It can set goals, delegate tasks and gives you a report of your daily and weekly productivity. You can even import your Wunderlist lists, capturing all your projects, tasks, reminders, notes and files.

The downside is that there are some features that aren’t available for users of the free app. Otherwise, it has a fine interface, collaborative features and even offline functionality. It’s probably the closest to Wunderlist alternative that matches that defunct app’s features and even beats it at its own game.


  • Pro: $3 user/month
  • Business: $5 user/month


  • Does Todoist offer a free trial? No, Todoist doesn’t have a free trial
  • Does Todoist offer a free version? No, Todoist doesn’t offer a free plan
  • Does Todoist have a mobile project management app? Yes, it’s available for Android and iOS

Task management requires the right tools to get the job done. ProjectManager is award-winning cloud software that adds a dynamic to-do list to a full suite or project management features. No other to-do list app helps you plan, monitor and report on your work. See what it can do to boost your productivity today by taking this free 30-day trial.