Trello Gantt Charts: How to Turn Your Trello Project Into a Gantt Chart

Transfer your Trello projects from kanban boards to powerful Gantt charts. Plus,'s Gantt charts integrate fully with our kanban boards, so you get the best of both worlds.

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Trello is an online tool that creates kanban boards, which allow project managers to organize projects. The kanban boards offer a visualization of your work, and allows you to easily see a project’s workload at-a-glance. The software has grown in popularity as users have taken to the kanban board’s ability to visualize the workflow of a project.

But does that mean Trello has the ability to handle complex projects? Well, not quite—leading some people to seek Trello Gantt charts.

Trello Gantt Charts: Do They Exist?

While kanban is a powerful project management tool, it’s ultimately only surface-level in its capacity to execute complicated projects. Unfortunately, Trello doesn’t offer other features that further your management of a project. The more complex the project, the less helpful boards prove.

The software gets around these limitations by allowing users to add features (like time tracking) through third-party extensions, such as Slack. The downside is, by the time you’re done adding on to Trello, it can become a Frankenstein’s monster of a project management tool.

Short Answer: No, Trello Doesn’t Have Gantt Charts

One of the biggest holes in Trello’s project management suite is that there’s no Gantt chart functionality. Gantt charts are robust visual tools that allow project managers to plan and schedule their project across a timeline. They’re great for projects of any complexity, but become a necessity for highly complex projects. It’s unlikely you’ll find any seasoned project manager working without one.

While there are several integrations that compensate for the lack of Trello’s Gantt charts, the options can be unwieldy and best and not at all worth the trouble at worst. With the Gantt being such a crucial tool for managers, this can prove problematic.

If you’re using Trello, your team’s simple task management is covered. But what about the project plan and schedule? You’re not going to map that out on boards unless it’s a very simple project. What you need is a Trello Gantt chart.

How to Get a Gantt Chart for Your Trello Project is an award-winning cloud-based tool that organizes every part of your project. It has multiple project views, including an interactive Gantt chart that gives you more control over your project schedule.

To convert your kanban board into a Trello Gantt chart, start by signing up for a 30-day trial of our software. Once you’ve done that, follow these simple steps to get started on taking your project management to the next level.

Export & Import

Select export on your Trello board (click the link for instructions) then import that file to our software. Go to the Gantt chart on our tool and click the import icon.

import Trello files easily to make a Gantt chart

Choose the File

Answer the popup window. It will ask you to import a project. Select the Excel or CSV file you want to open to populate the Gantt chart.

Select the file you want to import to make a Trello Gantt Chart

Select Options

Once uploaded, you can choose to have the data fill out a new project, or added to an existing project. If you’re building onto a project already on the tool, just choose which one, and whether to keep or delete the existing data.

chose your import options

Import What Data?

Choose from the final popup window whether to import all the data from the file or just a task list.

Choose which data from your Trello file you want to import

Start Your Gantt!

See the success window? You’re done. Now you have all your data from your Trello project, and are ready to work on building your online Gantt project.

Successful file import window

How to Use Your Trello Gantt Chart

Now that you’ve got your Trello board in our tool, the real fun begins. Our Gantt chart software lets you control your project plan and manage your schedule in ways that are not possible with Trello.

On the left side of the Gantt is a spreadsheet of your tasks, which can be broken down into summary tasks. Once you’ve added a start and end date to each task, they automatically populate the timeline on the right side of the Gantt. Now you can see the entire project laid out on a map, right down to the task level.

Set Milestones for Your Progress

Use the milestone feature to break up large projects into smaller, more manageable phases. The diamond icon (♢) indicates that one phase of the project has ended and another is beginning. It’s a way to track large movement in the project, and also boosts morale for teams when they achieve a milestone. You can also customize the color of each phase to make it easier to differentiate.

example of a Gantt chart in

Filter By Priority, Dependency and Tags

As you organize your tasks, you can set priority and customize tags to make it easy to find them without having to manually scroll through everything. Also, not all tasks are the same. There are dependent tasks, for example, that cannot start or finish until another task has begun or has been completed. If you don’t identify task dependencies, you risk bottlenecks later in the project that can slow you down, or even derail the entire project.

Linking dependent tasks is easy on our tool. Just drag one task to the other and a dotted line will connect them to make sure you don’t forget about the dependent nature of the task. This is something you can’t do on Trello, even with all their extensions.

Our User Friendly Gantt Chart is All Yours

Gantt charts have a bit of a shaky reputation. They can be difficult to build, and a nightmare to edit. But our online Gantt chart is built from the ground up to be the most user-friendly option on the market. Editing your Gantt is made to be as simple as possible. We know that projects change all the time, and dates need to be shuffled. Rather than start from scratch, just drag and drop your task to the new date. When the tasks are updated, all associated tasks update automatically.

Managers love our Gantt because they can plan, schedule and assign all from the same tool. When making those assignments, they can attach documents, images and even comments to direct teams and help them to collaborate and work better together.

Get Notified on Progress

Whenever a task is updated or commented on, anyone who is assigned to the task will get an email notification instantly alerting them of the change. If you don’t want to shift from our tool to your email or worry that the notification will get lost in the mail, don’t worry. There are in-app notifications that capture every update, which are visible with just a click.

Other Features You Get in Addition to Your Gantt Chart

An interactive Gantt chart takes you to places Trello has only dreamed of, but that’s just one of the myriad features on our cloud-based project management tool. The suite of features works seamlessly together to help you better execute and track progress.

Kanban Boards

Not everyone works the same way, which is why our tool has multiple project views. There are dynamic task lists and a calendar view, but it’s the kanban board that teams gravitate towards. Teams can manage their backlog and work on what’s a priority, while managers get transparency into the process. The best thing? All the data on your kanban board transfers to the Gantt chart, and vice versa. Switch between views knowing your project moves forward either way.

kanban board visualizes workflow

Real-Time Dashboard

A Gantt chart will get you started, but can only track so much. For example, our interactive Gantt chart will show progress by how shaded the duration bar is between the start and end date of a task. Our project dashboards, on the other hand, automatically collects data from the project in real-time and calculates it for you. The results are displayed over several project metrics, like an instant status report, charting time, cost, project variance and more.

real-time project dashboard monitoring six project metrics

Team Management

You’ve made your schedule and can track its performance in real-time, now you’ll want to maximize your team’s productivity. That’s where our team management feature comes in. The team management page gives you visibility into your team’s workload. See who is working on what and where they are in terms of completing their tasks. We’ve even streamlined timesheets to simplify payroll and provide transparency into the hours your team logs.

What You’re Missing Out on Without a True Gantt Chart

Trello is a limited tool, and even with add-ons, can’t match the robust features of our Gantt chart. While it offers a strong kanban feature, it lacks multiple project views. Users are restricted, and must work how Trello wants, not how they want. Our multiple project views to help everyone on your team reach their potential.

The Gantt chart add-ons are not a real solution for a Trello user. Their Gantt can’t link task dependencies, for one, and that’s a big one. Without having the means to identify which tasks are dependent on others, you’re asking for trouble down the line. Gantts are foundational tools for project management, but without one that can go the whole nine yards, you’re going to fall behind.

Trello also doesn’t scale like our tool. It’s best for small teams working on small projects that are of little complexity, and with no dependencies. But our tool can handle projects big and small and works with teams of any size. No matter how many tasks you’re trying to organize, our Gantt chart is up to the task. We also have greater security and protocols for who can view and edit what on the software.

Can I use Trello and

The short answer is yes. Trello is a capable, if limited, tool. Keep using it if you like it, and supplement your beefier project management needs with our software. We fill in the holes in Trello’s coverage of your project, giving you more control over planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting. is an award-winning tool that helps teams and projects get organized. Tens of thousands of teams already have found success using our software for projects of all shapes and sizes. We’re being used by organizations as varied as NASA, the Bank of America and Barnes & Nobel.

See how we can help you do more with or without Trello. Try our Gantt chart software free for 30-days with this trial offer.

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