10 Key Construction Job Titles: Overview & Salary


Whether you’re interested in a career in construction or looking to fill an open position in your construction management company, there are a lot of entry points. Of course, your education and experience will impact many construction job titles you’d be eligible for, which is why we’ve listed the most common construction job titles.

Below, you’ll find the top 10 construction job titles. We explain what each is and offer a salary average to see how much you can expect to earn or pay for one of these construction management roles. Construction roles are rewarding. Good luck!

10 Key Construction Job Titles

As we mentioned, it takes a lot of professionals to plan, manage and complete a construction project. Those construction job titles tend to fall into three categories: upper management, middle management and construction workers.

While the construction sector is a volatile one, the US economy, at least as jobs are concerned, continues to be hot. That heat is set to ground construction jobs by 6 percent by the end of the decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 construction project management roles. We’ll provide a short description and add what the average salary is for each. Keep in mind that salaries can vary depending on the location of the job and the level of experience of the candidate.

1. Construction Project Manager

The construction project manager is responsible for the planning and delivery of a construction project. They monitor work to ensure that it is being done on time and within budget. They deal with the logistics, delegate work and track costs.

As with any project manager, the construction project manager will communicate with the project client and the construction professionals, such as subcontractors, but also suppliers, vendors, etc., to work out scheduling and delivery.

Gantt Chart template for Microsoft Excel
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Average US salary: Between $102,000-$135,000

2. General Contractor

The general contractor can be an individual or a company that oversees the construction project. They’re usually hired by the property owner to make sure that the project is delivered as planned and budgeted.

ProjectManager's construction budget template for Excel
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You’ll find a general contractor on all construction projects, from commercial to residential. For specific jobs, though, a subcontractor would only be required (such as replacing a roof). General contractors are needed when coordinating several stages or many subcontractors.

Average US salary: Between $54,000-$96,000

3. Construction Foreman

A construction foreman works closely with construction project managers to help with hiring, meeting deadlines for tasks and keeping to safety standards among the construction crew. They tend to lead meetings on the job site and offer guidance through their experience.

They’re responsible for coordinating the construction work, following priorities and the planned schedule. The construction foreman will also monitor the attendance of the construction crew, allocating general and daily responsibilities.

Average US salary: Between $42,000-$77,000

4. Construction Estimator

As the name implies, a construction estimator is the professional responsible for forecasting the cost of a construction project. They do their best to accurately estimate the cost of every aspect of the construction project, but they can also be used to focus on the cost of only one part of the project.

Project estimate template
Project estimate template Free download

As part of their job, the construction estimator will evaluate offers to purchase by site requirements, additions and costing changes. They’ll analyze cost differences to determine which are best and then write up and present the project’s budget. They often report on costs, too.

Average US salary: Between $60,000-$96,000

5. Construction Superintendent

Another construction professional responsible for the smooth running of the project is the construction superintendent. They will assess the resources required for construction and estimate their costs to help define the project’s budget.

The construction superintendent works with engineers and subcontractors to ensure the project follows its plan. They oversee the construction crew’s performance, monitoring the project from planning to completion to ensure it meets quality standards, safety and security standards, as well as staying in communication and negotiating with external partners, such as vendors.

Communication plan template
Communication plan template Free download

Average US salary: $77,000-$120,000

6. Structural Engineer

A structural engineer will analyze, design and plan any structural parts or systems in a construction plan to make sure it meets the design goals while keeping to safety and comfort standards. To do this, they’ll consider safety, technical, economic and environmental issues, often including aesthetic and social factors.

They’re also responsible for designing and constructing buildings and structures that can stand up to the elements that they’ll commonly be exposed to depending on where the construction is taking place. But they can also be employed to restore or improve the structural integrity of existing structures and buildings.

Average US salary: $90,000-$130,000

7. Construction Inspector

Construction sites have many codes to adhere to and other regulations for safety and other concerns. The construction inspector will inspect everything from public works to public utilities and building construction to make sure it conforms to the project’s plans, specifications, contracts, permits, environmental documents, agreements for work, etc.

They inspect everything from electrical to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration and plumbing systems in construction buildings, but also streets and highways. They’re employed by the city or town government in which the construction is being done.

Average US salary: Between $46,000-$67,000

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8. Architect

The architect on a construction project is responsible for creating the design for whatever is being built. They’ll also be tasked with managing the construction documents and working with construction managers to help with all aspects of the project to make sure it is delivered on time and within budget.

Among their responsibilities is to provide counseling services to the client. They guide them through the design, planning and construction process. This can be for a new construction or adapting an existing property.

Average US salary: Between $64,000-$85,000

9. Skilled Construction Workers

There are a variety of skilled construction workers who execute the project plan and physically build whatever structure is being proposed. These skilled laborers perform a wide variety of tasks, from laying out the initial framework to performing the final inspection.

You’ll see skilled construction workers on the job site installing, repairing and maintaining piping systems, electrical wiring and insulation to name only a few jobs. They’ll operate machinery and perform masonry, carpentry and project management.

Average US salary: Between $35,000-$58,000

10. Equipment Operator

While equipment operators can fall under the above-skilled construction workers category, they are uniquely qualified and deserve their distinction. They’re the people who are using machinery to move building supplies, earth and other heavy materials on the construction site.

Some of the equipment they operate clears and grades land to prepare it for the construction of everything from roads, bridges, buildings, aircraft runways, dams and more. These are licensed workers who report to a supervisor or foreman. Some of the equipment they operate includes bulldozers, excavators, rollers, trenchers, compactors, etc.

Average US salary: Between $52,000-$110,000

Construction Project Management Templates

Most of the construction job titles we’ve defined above will require project management tools to get their work done. While project management software is ideal, often construction teams aren’t ready to upgrade. That’s why ProjectManager offers dozens of free project management templates for Excel and Work that can be used for every phase of a project. The few listed below are specific to construction. Download them now for free.

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Having accurate cost forecasts will help you avoid eating into your profit margins. Use our free construction estimate template for Excel to accurately estimate costs across all project phases by capturing vendors, contractors, labor and material costs.

Construction Daily Report Template

At the end of the day, a report that captures the work that was performed, whether it was completed and, if not, what is delayed is a critical construction document. Our free construction daily report template for Excel helps you organize that information, plus list of visitors to the site, the weather conditions and more.

ProjectManager Facilitates Managing Construction Projects

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Those are just some of the features we have to help you manage your construction project. We didn’t even get into customizable reports, risk management tools and the multiple project views we offer that allow everyone on the team to work on tools that they’re comfortable with. Our software gives you all the features you need to deliver successful construction projects.

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