Plan, Manage & Track Work Online

Bring your office where you are. With, you can create plans and schedules, manage tasks and get visibility into what everyone is doing, no matter where you’re located. Using our cloud-based software as a hub, you can collaborate with your team, get frequent alerts on progress and maintain efficiency in your projects. Stay productive while staying home.

A screenshot of’s task list view, with a task toggled on and comments being shown.

Sign in Anywhere

Sign in to our software from anywhere with internet connectivity. Our software is compatible with all computer systems, and you can collaborate even if your manager or teammates are on different systems. All you need is an internet connection, and everyone can work on the same platform together.

A screenshot of’s task view, which shows attached files, tags, comments and team members assigned to it
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Connect With Your Team

Get real-time features needed to work with your team, no matter their location or time zone. Keep the lines of communication open with email and in-app notifications that alert you when a team member has updated a task you’ve assigned or are working on. Stay in sync with your team and work together more effectively.

Have Confidence Your Team Is Producing

Get live data into your team’s process while avoiding micromanaging. Get insight into when their workload has a bottleneck that will reduce their productivity, and reallocate resources instantly to get them working in a way that’s best for them. Track their time with timesheets and balance their workload, and you’ll have no problem reaching your final deliverable on time.

A screenshot of’s timesheet view, which shows the time spent on tasks by your team

Get the Best Work From Home Software

A screenshot of’s gantt chart view, which shows task durations as as bars on a chart

Schedule With Online Gantt Charts

Manage your project, build your plan and chart your schedule all with our online Gantt chart. Making a Gantt takes only seconds, by importing your task list or using one of our industry-specific templates. Your tasks will automatically populate a timeline as you add them. Then, break up your project into more manageable phases with the milestone feature.

Work From Home Software Features

cloud icon

Cloud-Based Software

Access your tools anywhere, anytime.

messaging icon

Real-Time Communication

Stay in touch with your team and collaborate.

chart icon

Data Tracking

See progress on task, how much you’re spending and more.

clock icon

Easy Timesheets

Track how much time teams spend on tasks.

reports icon

Share Reports

Keep stakeholders in the loop by sharing reports as PDF or printing.

monitor icon

Central Hub

Unlimited file storage means all important documents are in one place.

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Multiple Project Views

Gantt, kanban, task lists and calendar views—work how you want.

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Visualize Workflow

Prioritize tasks for teams on kanban and see their workflow.

Get the Best Work From Home Software

How to Use Our Work From Home Software

Work from home software is a broad term that describes an online tool that connects people in different locations, that has a collection of features to help plan, schedule, collaborate, track and report on projects. is an award-winning cloud-based software that does all that, and more! Here’s how you’d use our tool to manage productive distributed teams.

A screenshot of’s invite people window, with options to invite your team

1. Onboard

Get your team into our tool by sending them an email from our software. They’ll receive a notification with a link that sets them up—then you can give them access to the parts of the project you determine.

A screenshot of’s gantt chart view, which shows a list of tasks, and the tasks’ durations as multicolored bars on a chart

2. Plan

Start planning your project by uploading a task list from any spreadsheet, or use our industry-specific templates to get you started. In the Gantt tool, you can see tasks on a timeline, link dependencies and set milestones.

A screenshot of’s task view, which shows comments, assignees, priority, due date and other relevant info

3. Assign

Give teams their assignments from the Gantt, kanban, task list or calendar tool. Mark priority, tag to make searching easier, attach files and add description so they have clear direction.

A screenshot of’s task view, showing team members collaborating through comments

4. Collaborate

Work better together and collaborate on tasks in real time. Get notified immediately through email and in-app notifications as task statuses are updated.

A screenshot of’s dashboard view, which shows project performance over six metrics - health, tasks, progress, time, cost and workload

5. Track

Stay updated on progress as it happens. Our real-time dashboard automatically calculates six key project metrics and displays them for you in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

A screenshot of’s workload view, which shows the progress on tasks from each of your team members

6. Manage Workload

See how busy your team is on our workload page. It’s color-coded, so you can tell at a glance who is overallocated. Then, reallocate your resources from that page to keep teams balanced.

A screenshot of a generated report from

7. Report

Generate data-rich status reports on project variance, cost and more with one click. Print or share as a PDF for stakeholders and filter to drill down and get specific information.



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Key Features of Our Work From Home Software

Stay Updated With Cloud-Based Software

Keep your data fresh and make decisions on what’s happening now to better manage your project. Because our tool is online, whenever a status is updated, that information is instantly reflected throughout the entire software. Know how your project is doing at all times and steer your team accordingly.

Live Data image

Get Emails Whenever Something Changes

Know the status of the project throughout every phase of its life cycle with up-to-date notifications. As teams comment on or update their statuses, anyone attached to that task will get notified by an alert. Keep everyone on the same page and help them work better through real-time collaboration.

Notifications & Alerts image

Have Transparency Into Everyone’s Workload

Have a list of your team and the tasks they’re working on at all times. Each team member has a profile where you can get data on their progress. Click on individual tasks to open it in a new window, where you can get more information and comment on their work. The team management page is easily filtered, so you always know who’s doing what.

Online Team Management image

Use the Operating System You’re Comfortable With

Work on whatever computer you have at home. Our software can be accessed on any operating system, so long as you have an internet connection. Mac? PC? Linux? No problem. Everyone gets the same tools, same data, same interface. Together, you all have a common space in which to work.

Works on Any Browser image

Have the Tool You Want for Your Work

Use the tool that works best for you. Your teams have the choice between multiple project views. Managers love the detail and control of our online Gantt charts, while teams may prefer to have a more visual tool to track their workflow in the form of a kanban board. There are also dynamic task lists and a calendar view.

Multiple Project Views image

Add as Many Documents & Images as You Like

Attach all the important documents, decks and pictures to your project or task as needed. We have unlimited file storage, so you have a central location to collect all your files. No more frustrating email or computer searches, everything is at your fingertips.

Unlimited File Storage image

Get a Free Trial of the Best Work From Home Software is an award-winning cloud-based software that connects teams anywhere and at any time. Our features help you manage your project from initiation to close and every phase in-between.

Over 10,000 teams, both on site and distributed use our tool to work better together. Organizations as varied as Bank of America, NASA and the US Postal Service all benefit from our software.

See how we can help you work more productively from home with the transparency managers need to give them the confidence that everything is being done as planned and on schedule. Take this free 30-day trial today.

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