Robotics Manufacturer Improves Project Tracking

Trinity Robotics Automation delivers integrated robotics to the food, medical and automotive industries. They had previously used a hodgepodge of software packages, such as spreadsheets, to plan, monitor and report on their work. But none of these applications offered any way to track time.

That is, until they started using

“We use each day to tack our major milestones for each project, along with those tasks within each project, to ensure that we’re delivering the project on time, but also to track our individual time for each project,” says Jerome Thomas, Operations Projects Manager, Trinity Robotics Automation. proved its value right out of the box when a small item that could have disrupted a large job from a high-end customer was missing. Instead of stalling the project, they were able to easily track the missing part and get the customer the answers they asked from the field because of’s ability to work collaboratively online.

Watch the video to learn more.

“I would recommend because for me being mobile it allows me to access the information on a high level or the details, and mainly I can answer a question wherever I am as long as I have internet.”

Nick Tonti, Engineering Manager, Trinity Robotics Automation