Allegiance Serves Its Clients Better With Technology

Allegiance offers customer experience software and research. They give their clients the means to see, sense and respond to every one of their customers instantly. To make that happen, however, takes a lot technology, but that technology can’t be so complex on the client’s end to make using their product a hardship.

To make their product user-friendly takes a lot of work on their end, work that they need to manage seamlessly, which they do thanks to Their employees use timecard tracking to distinguish between client work and administrative duties. Templates further add efficiency in their processes by allowing them to replicate and not recreate work. Plus, it makes interfacing with their customers easier, as they can see exactly where they are the lifecycle of the job.

“ allows me to be a better project manager because I have access, wherever I am with an internet connection, to see my project plan and make updates on the fly. As I travel, as I’m working on other projects, I can quickly switch, update what I need and it’s available in real time to my clients, who need to access the latest timeline and project plan,” says Josh Skinner, Director of Implementation Services and Support, Allegiance.

Watch the embedded video above and see how easy to use and intuitive can be for even large and complicated projects.

“PM gave us the ability to track those hours and see where we were profitable and not profitable, right down to the task level.”

Chris Nelson, Project Manager, Allegiance