The Top 10 Features of ProjectManager


To say that ProjectManager’s work management software has many features is an understatement. From creating simple to-do lists to closely monitoring your remote employees’ workload, you can accomplish nearly any project management task on our platform.

Hybrid teams work from different locations and have different work styles and skill sets, so they require a solution that helps them overcome these challenges.

Whether you’re currently taking a free 30-day trial of ProjectManager, or you’re interested in learning more about our offerings to support your hybrid work model, we want you to take advantage of everything that our tool can help you accomplish.

Download ProjectManager’s Quick Start Guide

For even more information on our features, we’ve compiled a Quick Start Guide for you to reference and share with your team. Make sure to download the full version of this guide and distribute it throughout your organization for helpful tips and use cases!

Without further adieu, here are 10 of our most popular features for you and your hybrid team to explore.

1. Board (All plans)

The kanban board appeals to the visual workers on your team, as it helps them visualize their workflows. We’ve recently rolled out a new custom workflows and task approvals feature where users can build workflows and set limitations on who can move tasks to certain statuses. Only those with the approved permissions can set task rules and approvers to keep workflows productive.

In the board view, drag and drop tasks into the appropriate statuses so your team can see task status at a glance. It’s also an ideal spot to pinpoint project bottlenecks and collaborate on waterfall projects without needing the Gantt view.

2. Gantt (Team, Business and Enterprise plans)

Traditional project managers regularly use the Gantt chart for planning large projects consisting of many moving parts and resources, often importing plans from Excel and Microsoft Project. ProjectManager’s Gantt is one of our most popular features as it allows for time-based plans and schedules, offering hybrid teams both a visual and data-driven view in one.

Our newest software update also rolled out custom templates and more featured templates where teams can use our pre-built templates and customize them accordingly for faster project kickoffs.

3. List (All plans)

The List is another popular view as it is simple yet effective; here, you can assign task priorities, create filters and collaborate with your team members regardless of their location. Head to the List view to create weekly tasks or checklists for your hybrid team. You can also see project details such as assignee, priority and overall progress.

4. Project Dashboard (All plans)

Another feature in our top 10 list is the Project Dashboard, a convenient place to see a high-level status report of your projects. There are six widgets on this view including project health, tasks, progress, time, cost and workload. With a few clicks, hybrid team leads can share data from the Dashboard with both internal and external team members for an easy status update.

Many project managers use the Dashboard to pinpoint issues within the project to continually improve their processes for even better results.

5. Team Page (All plans)

In a hybrid work environment, it can be difficult to understand what team members are taking on what projects. The Team section of our hybrid work management software features helpful data such as the workload, progress and due date for each individual team member.

Use the Team view to determine which team members can take on additional work and which are falling behind.

6. My Work (All plans)

The easiest way to keep tabs on all of your individual tasks across projects is My Work. Here, you can quickly understand what’s on your plate across all of your projects and create personal tasks to keep track of your individual workload.

This is an excellent view to reassign tasks to other team members and see all uploaded files in one place.

7. Sheet (Team, Business & Enterprise plans)

Need the functionality of a spreadsheet without the visual aspect of the Gantt chart? Head to the Sheet view to create custom columns, oversee resource details and share filtered project data with key stakeholders.

The Sheet view offers the familiar layout of an Excel spreadsheet, except it’s even easier to use. Plus, ProjectManager users can set up the Sheet view one way and the Gantt chart another way without worrying about impacting data—each experience is unique.

8. Reports (Team, Business & Enterprise plans)

Put critical project data to good use in the Reports view. It only takes a few clicks to build and share status reports, task reports and workload reports, to name a few. The Reports view is completely customizable so you can include exactly the information that your team members need to see. Monitor the health of your entire project portfolio, keep a close eye on project budget and timelines, and ensure key stakeholders have the latest data.

Need more information on making Reports via ProjectManager? Make sure to download the complete version of our Quick Start Guide for hands-on guidance on some of our most popular features.

9. Workload (Business & Enterprise plans)

In a hybrid work environment, it’s easy for project resources to slip into the red if they are not closely tracked. In the Workload view, project managers have the visibility to oversee the workload for their contractors and vendors and see the planned versus realized effort across their portfolios.

Keep remote contractors as productive as possible by monitoring their logged hours and determining patterns to predict the future time spent on projects. The Workload view is particularly useful for contractors and vendors who are keeping track of their time spent on projects.

10. Roadmap (Business & Enterprise plans)

Rounding out our list of 10 of our most popular features is the Roadmap. Although it is only available on Business and Enterprise plans, it is a feature worth exploring for your hybrid team.

The Roadmap allows you to see all of your projects on a single timeline, making it easy to see what is ahead of schedule and what projects are falling behind. It has the familiar Gantt view that project teams know and love in addition to the planned versus actual effort it takes to complete a project.

Ready for More Project Management Guidance?

When it comes to navigating our project and work management software for hybrid teams, the above views are just the tip of the iceberg. From IT & dev teams to professional services teams to research and development teams, project teams across hundreds of industries rely daily on our software to manage their hybrid projects.

In addition to a host of other software features, we also have helpful product videos, project templates and guides to help you learn more about relevant topics. Plus, we’re constantly developing new features that will further simplify and elevate the way that you manage projects.

ProjectManager is an award-winning project and work management software for hybrid teams. Our robust yet straightforward features are designed to make your hybrid project teams that much more productive regardless of their location, work style or skill set. Try it yourself with a free 30-day trial.