Product Update: Custom Templates and More Featured Templates!


ProjectManager is excited to announce our December product release. This release includes new Featured Templates, the ability to create custom templates for Business and Enterprise customers and improved Copy Project functionality for all customers.

ProjectManager’s Featured Templates give customers a helpful roadmap for getting started, and custom templates let you save a project as a template to share with your team.

Choose from Eleven Featured Templates

There’s no need to waste time creating a project from scratch, and in this release, ProjectManager has added more Featured Templates to help you get started. Users now have access to eleven templates that they can use to immediately start a project. These newly added templates provide useful examples for specific projects such as New Product Development, Event Planning, Implementation and more.

In addition to our current templates, such as the IT Project Plan and Construction Schedule, we’ve added these brand new templates:

  • Implementation Plan for Professional Services
  • Event Planning
  • Manufacturing – New Product Development
  • Change Tracking Log
  • Issue Tracking Log
  • Risk Tracking Log

Customers can find all of our Featured Templates when creating a new project, and Featured Templates can be used seamlessly on any of our five project views. If you have an idea for a Featured Template we should create next, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

Save Time with Custom Templates

Often, projects are repeatable. You don’t want to waste time creating a new project from scratch. To save time, users can now create templates from their own projects, and choose the data to include in that template. Teams can spend less time creating projects and more time delivering work that matters.

ProjectManager makes it easy to create a custom template and share it with your team. Once the template is saved, everyone on the team will be able to use it. If a process changes, you can update the template so everyone is on the same page.

New Copy Projects Functionality

Copy Projects is now more powerful. Users can now choose the data they would like to include when they copy a project. For example, if your project will have a new budget, you can exclude any budget and cost data in your copied project. That way, you know the data that will be included in your copied project, and can exclude any data that you don’t need.

The features in this release can help your team organize and accelerate their work. If you are a current customer, you will be able to access the new templates next time you log in. If you are not a current customer, and would like to see how ProjectManager can help, click here to learn more.