How to Make a Timeline

Timelines are key to scheduling any project, and Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to make one. Here’s a shot of the whiteboard for your reference! In Review – How to Make a Timeline: Almost everything we do involves a…Watch

How to Create a Work Schedule

When you’re managing resources a work schedule is crucial to keep track of progress and status, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, recommends building one with an employee scheduling tool. Here’s a shot of the whiteboard for your reference! In Review – How to…Watch

How to Chart the Critical Path

Watch Devin Deen, project management expert, chart the critical path of a project using the “Activity on the Arrow” diagramming technique. This will help you measure the planned versus actual project schedule and identify any risks associated with getting your project…Watch

How to Find Slack in Your Project Schedule

In this training video, Devin Deen demonstrates the activity-on-the-node diagramming technique to calculate slack in a project schedule. Here’s a shot of the whiteboard for your reference! In Review: How to Find Slack in a Project Schedule Devin explained the “Activity on the Node”…Watch

Get a Realistic Schedule

Creating a realistic schedule is one of the first things any project manager needs to have in place to insure success going forward. In this video Devin Deen, content direct,, shows you the four steps you’ll need to know to achieve this….Watch

How to Schedule a Project

Scheduling is one of the first and most important aspects of getting your project started on the right track. In the following video, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, explores the right way to schedule a project’s activities, estimates, dependencies and resources. Here’s…Watch

Typical Project Phases

In this instructional video, project management expert Devin Deen discusses the major phases that a project moves through along its lifecycle. In Review: The Typical Phases in Project Management Devin explored the four basic parts to every project, Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closing.  Here are…Watch

Top Project Deliverables

In this video with our host Jennifer Bridges, PMP, you’ll discover the common project deliverables at each stage of the project management life cycle so you can easily incorporate them into your own plans. In Review: Top Deliverables in Project…Watch

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