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No matter how holistic your software is, chances are there are always other apps you either love or are required to use because of the organization of the company you work at, which you want to use when managing a project. But not every software is willing to meet your needs if that requires integrating another software. was developed by project managers who understand that while there might be a lot of rigidity necessary to bringing in a project on time and within budget, that same inflexibility is not helpful when working with other people. If someone loves their calendar, why deny them that platform, when you can just as easily have their calendar integrated into the tools they’re already using?

Our features were created to help a project manager and their team manage the project as they see fit, not as we tell them. That’s why we’ve made it a point to have our software able to integrate with hundreds of other applications. We’re happy to bring them into the fold, so your job is easier, with less unnecessary leaping around from app to app.

The elephant in the room, of course, is Google. It’s so ubiquitous, it would be the height of hubris to ignore its position in our industry or any industry. We’re not going to fight, we’re going to integrate Google apps to play nice with our software. By having Google app integration, we are not in competition with your ability to manage a project, but cooperating in a collaborative method that you know helps projects come to a successful end.

So, how does all this work? Our G suite integration is seamless. There are many ways you can use to assist your Google project management and productivity tools. All the Google tools you love, from calendars, documents and spreadsheets, go so much further when integrated with


Google apps that integrate into

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great tool, which gives you storage and a place to access all your text files anywhere and at any time, with a Wi-Fi connection. Projects produce an abundance of documents, and having an online repository for them, one where you can share information and collaborate, is a godsend.

But those documents, while accessible, are still isolated. You need to go there to work on them. What if you could view Google Docs and link them to the tasks, risks and other parts of your project? gives you this and allows you to convert task lists from Google Sheets into project plans, which can then be shared with the whole team.

Because is a cloud-based project management tool, you get project data in real-time, which further facilitates the collaborative process among your team. Now everyone can stay in the loop and on the same page.

Google Spreadsheets

Another tool that Google offers is its online spreadsheet. You can almost run a project on a spreadsheet, though it’s not a simple task. Of course, spreadsheets are the way many people start their projects, creating tasks lists and such. But what do you do with one of these spreadsheets once you’ve filled it in?

That’s a problem. Because even an online spreadsheet like offered by Google has its limitations. Yes, you can share it with your team and edit it when and where you want, but it doesn’t provide you with the project management tools you need to further control the project. That means you’ll be jumping around a lot from the spreadsheet to your project software and back again.

Doesn’t sound like fun, but what can you do? Integration, of course. allows you to import that Google spreadsheet into our online project software, keeping all the details and adding more, giving you a larger canvas on which to work. Now you can share it with your team in, so they can see the tasks that need completing, and when those tasks are completed, our software reflects that update immediately.

Your spreadsheet has been supersized, and is now working in congress with every phase of the project, from initiation to planning and execution and closure. Plus, if you want to share with your stakeholders, you can seamlessly export and share as an attachment in a variety of formats or as printed matter.

Google Calendar

There’s probably no more universally used app than Google calendar. You probably schedule all your tasks for work and in your personal life on this platform. It’s understandable. Everyone uses it, and it’s easy to share meetings and events with a click of an email.

So, why would you want to take time to input all that already existing data into another schedule tool? One reason, when your calendar is part of our project management tool, then you aren’t moving around from app to app, like noted, and, as meetings, tasks and other project events occur, you’re notified within the very program you’re working in all the time. There’s less of a chance that something will fall through the cracks.

Whether you love Google, hate it or are just indifferent to it, doesn’t matter. It’s a tool used by most industries, so how can you employ it with your project without making the process overly complex? That’s easy. has a Chrome plugin that saves you time, as well as integrating the Google suite of tools into our software, so everything you need is under one roof. See how it can help streamline your project by taking our free 30-day trial.



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