The Trello Alternative That Offers Familiar Kanban Boards and Much More

ProjectManager is an award-winning project management software that lets you create workflows with kanban boards, plan projects with Gantt charts and execute work with task lists—all in a user-friendly interface. With multiple project views, everyone on your team can work how they want and collaborate along the way. No matter your industry or style of work, our software is powerful enough and flexible enough to meet your needs. No other Trello alternative offers this many features in such an easy-to-use software.

Multiple Project Views

Use our robust kanban boards—or switch to Gantt charts, sheets, task lists and calendars—to manage work how you want.

Better Team Management

Balance your teams’ workload, create custom roles and adjust permissions to put your team on the path to success.

Accessible PM Features

Utilize a suite of advanced features like expense tracking, time tracking, workload management, real-time reporting and more.

Why ProjectManager is the Best Trello Alternative of 2022

See for yourself how ProjectManager helps you control every aspect of your project: from planning to monitoring and reporting. Our kanban boards have more functionality than Trello’s and seamlessly integrate with a full suite of project management features all designed to keep you on schedule and within budget—no matter how many projects you manage.

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Why Seek a Trello Alternative?

Trello targets only one part of managing a project. They offer boards to organize tasks and streamline workflow. But they ignore monitoring, which is what keeps your project on track. ProjectManager has more features and even our kanban project view does more than their signature feature. Here’s a brief overview of what we have that they don’t.

ProjectManager is a Complete Project Management Tool

More than just a kanban tool, ProjectManager is your one-stop-shop for all your project management needs. No other Trello alternative covers you through every project phase.


  • Organize tasks and link dependent ones
  • See critical path and set baseline
  • Edit comments and task descriptions


  • View real-time dashboard to monitor performance
  • Connect with other team members to collaborate
  • Balance workload to keep teams productive


  • Keep track of the time teams spend on tasks
  • Share reports with stakeholders
  • Restrict who has access to what on the tool

Use Tools for Portfolio Management

Manage one project, like Trello, or many. Trello doesn’t offer any support to organizations that manage a portfolio, which isn’t great for companies that manage multiple projects. We give you tools to report on portfolio performance and a dashboard to see metrics across projects.

Work How You Want

Keep track of your tasks on a kanban board with more features than Trello, or use other project views we offer that they don’t. See timelines on Gantt charts and there’s a sheet view, if you want to just use the spreadsheet. Task lists and calendars capture important dates and more.

Organize Tasks and Dependencies

Get your project started right with our online Gantt chart that organizes tasks, links dependencies and set milestones. Trello has no Gantt view, which is the workhorse of project management and instrumental to planning and scheduling projects big and small.

See Real-Time Progress

Have a status report whenever you want with live data on our dashboard. Trello has dashboards that you build with third-party apps, while ours is featured on our tool. More than that, it calculates the data for you and then displays them automatically. It’s fast and easy.

Generate Data-Rich Reports

Make detailed reports on progress and performance with one click. See project variance, workload, task progress, costs and much more than Trello offers. They don’t have reporting without integration with other apps. Filter and share ours easily with stakeholders.

Know Who’s Doing What

Assign and track your team’s tasks and report on their progress and performance. Get transparency into their workload and keep resources balanced with capacity to help them work more productively. We have the features that manage tasks like Trello, but also teams.

Why ProjectManager Instead of Trello?

Our kanban tool does more than Trello and is integrated with a full suite of project management tools. Get multiple views and work how you want to, not how Trello wants you to work.

Our cloud-based software gives you live data to make better decisions, stay on schedule and budget. Real-time dashboards and reports give you everything you need to know about how your project is performing when you present updates to stakeholders. Don’t jump from app to app to get what you want, ProjectManager has all your project management features in one place.

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“ProjectManager offers fabulous tools that rival Microsoft Project and are indeed a better all round experience.

More Trello Alternatives

Trello and ProjectManager are not your only options, of course. The marketplace is full of products that address your various project management needs. Maybe there’s one that’s the best fit for you.

Our tool is the central hub for all that’s necessary to manage a project. In fact, we’re so sure, here are some of other Trello alternatives to test the tires on. Come back to us when you’re ready to drive your project to success.


Airtable is software that stores data and can be used for CRM and project management, such as planning and tracking. And of course, it has kanban boards. Like Trello, it visualizes workflow with columns and stacked cards.

It can filter and sort those cards by status and priority. But mostly, this Trello alternative acts like a hybrid, offering a spreadsheet and database for teams to manage their work.

While it has some project management tools, it’s not a one-stop source, and the features it does have, like its kanban boards, are limited in what they can do. Also, it’s proprietary software, so importing and exporting can be problematic.


Another Trello alternative is Taskworld, which works as a collaborative platform for teams. It’s cloud-based to help with project and task management, including communications and measuring progress on projects and tasks.

It also features a kanban tool, like Trello, with drag-and-drop capabilities. But unlike Trello it includes task lists, project templates, file management, a people page and enterprise messaging for chat, both private and public.

Unfortunately, these features are a bit limited. They really can only make and organize lists and assign tasks, all important actions, but only users will wish it could do more. It does organize better than Trello, but it does have some problems. It’s better with small teams, but if you’re looking to scale up, then you’ll be frustrated and looking elsewhere.

Quick Base

Quick Base is a cloud-based project management software that facilitates communications and collaboration to improve productivity. It integrates with Google Docs, DropBox, Box and others. Like our other Trello alternatives, it too has a kanban feature.

It’s a flexible and scalable software that allows for complex workflows. There are timelines for projects and templates to help teams get started. While there is a bit of a learning curve before users become comfortable with the software, once they do, it’s pretty easy to use.

Reporting can be a problem, as they are not easily formatted, which means having to use a different software to send customized reports to clients or teams. That’s just one of the features that is lacking in this Trello alternative. Surprisingly, they don’t have a calendar view, which should be standard.


Kanbanize is an online portfolio kanban tool that is especially useful for teams that work within an agile framework. The kanban boards can be customized and users can structure their work, plan and break down projects into more manageable tasks. Dependencies can be seen, too, and multiple workflows can be created for cross-functional teams.

While Kanbanize can’t be faulted as a kanban tool, and it does that one thing well, it doesn’t have a suite of features that are also essential for project management. One fault of its kanban tool is that it’s not easy to see all the tasks assigned to individual team members or prioritize workload.

It might be unfair to ask a kanban tool to offer other project management features, such as resource management, dashboard and other project views, like a Gantt chart. But it can be annoying to have to use a number of different apps to control your projects.

See What ProjectManager Can Do For You

If you’re looking for a Trello alternative that gives you more dynamic kanban boards and adds resource management, Gantt charts and a real-time dashboard, then look no further than ProjectManager.

Our award-winning software is the only project management software you’ll need. It has the controls and transparency project managers want and the collaborative platform that keeps teams productive. Try it today for free with this 30-day trial.