Increase Team Visibility with the Best Task Management Tools Available

Thousands of users love Trello because it lets them organize their team's tasks on a simple board. By integrating ProjectManager and Trello, you improve your team's visibility and offer everyone access to the same data. You can plan and manage work in ProjectManager, and execute that work in Trello's easy-to-use interface.

How It Works

To share your project data between ProjectManager and Trello, follow these three easy steps.

Two screenshots superimposed on top of each other. The top shows a screenshot of Trello attached to ProjectManager. You can choose a task to display in Trello. The second screenshot shows a task from ProjectManager displayed in Trello.
  1. Link tasks and projects

    To link tasks and projects, you can either search for a task in ProjectManager or choose to link a new task in Trello.

  2. View on your Trello Board

    Once a task is linked, you can see task details like priority and progress directly on your Trello board.

  3. See more task details

    Expand the Trello card to see even more task details from your linked ProjectManager account.

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