Manage Your Project with Visual Timelines

Make a visual chart of your collected work for long-term projects or short sprints and see when all your tasks start and finish. If there are dependencies, easily link them to avoid bottlenecks. Set milestones, share the timeline with your team and then monitor their progress—all within one project timeline software.

Online Gantt chart with tasks laid out over project timeline

Visualize Project Deadlines

Add start and end dates to your tasks, and they automatically populate a project timeline. See your entire project on one screen, and never lose track of a deadline again. When changes occur, simply drag-and-drop tasks to the new deadline. Features across the software automatically update to reflect the new dates.

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Dependent tasks linked on online Gantt chart

Link Task Dependencies

Connect tasks that are dependent on one another by linking them using our timeline software. We have the capability for all four task dependencies—start to start, start to finish, finish to finish and finish to start—which will help you to prevent slippage later in your project.

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Share Project Timeline with Team

Keep your teams updated on tasks by sharing the project timeline with them. You can add names and descriptions to each task, and create tags for priority and more. Improve teamwork by clearly outlining the team’s tasks and roles. Teams can also comment at the task level to foster collaboration and boost productivity.

Invite people popup on manage users page
Milestones added to online Gantt chart to break project into phases

Use Milestones to Mark Progress

Set milestones on your timeline to break your projects into manageable phases. Adding a milestone takes a single click, and it’s represented on the timeline by a diamond symbol once it’s added. Track your progress, accomplish milestones and help motivate your team to achieve their best.

Project Timeline Software & So Much More

ProjectManager is a dynamic project timeline software that does more than just chart tasks and deadlines; it helps you monitor progress and gives teams the tools to collaborate and work more effectively. But that’s only one tool in our suite of project management features.

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Data-Rich Reports & Dashboard

Generate reports with real-time data that’s automatically calculated and filtered to show you just what you want to see; or, get a high-level view with our dashboard.

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Easy Import & Export

Import and export project plans from Microsoft Project, or any spreadsheet, to share with your team and stakeholders.

kanban icon

Kanban Boards

Organize your tasks visually to get visibility into the production cycle. Create workflows to suit your needs with customizable columns.

tools icon

Multiple Project Tools

Work how you want to work with multiple project tools. Manage your tasks on Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists or with a calendar view.

team icon

Manage Teams

Keep track of what tasks your team is working on, and how much progress they’ve made, by using our robust team management features.

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Facilitate Collaboration

Communicate with your fellow team members by commenting on individual tasks, and stay updated with email and in-app notifications.

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Cloud-Based Software

Log on at the office, on-site or at home, and rest assured that your information is always up to date. Make data-driven decisions, no matter where you’re located.

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Manage Resources

See how much you’re spending on resources and reallocate as needed. Keep your team working efficiently unobstructed by balancing their workload.

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Make a Timeline on ProjectManager

Project timeline software is the best way to view your task and project schedules on a sequential chart. It’s essential for project planning and monitoring progress. To make a project timeline in ProjectManager, just follow along with these steps.

Task list with name, priority and more

1. Name Tasks

Upload your task list, or use one of our industry-specific templates to get started. Give each task a name to differentiate them. Once created, you can add tags to the tasks. Separate them by project, priority and more, so you can easily filter your project to find what you need.

The length of time needed to complete the task is noted on Gantt timeline

2. Add Duration

Add the start and end dates for each task, and they will automatically be charted on the timeline as a bar that connects the two dates to indicate their duration. This will show you the estimated time it will take to complete each task.

Milestones added to project timeline on Gantt chart

3. Set Milestones

Set milestones on your project timeline to indicate the end of one phase and the start of another. Breaking up the larger project makes it easier to manage, and gives teams a sense of accomplishment when they’ve completed a milestone. It’s great for morale!

Tasks that are dependent on one another are linked on the Gantt chart

4. Link Dependent Tasks

Connect all the dependent tasks to avoid bottlenecks later in the project. Click anywhere on the task bar and drag it up or down to the task it’s dependent on. Task dependencies will show up on all project views.

Colors are added to Gantt chart to make it easier to read

5. Customize Colors & Columns

Create your timeline, then customize it with the colors you want and with as many columns as you need. You control the amount of data you want to include in your timeline.

Gantt chart with popup for comments or attachments to add to task

6. Add Attachments & Comments

Attach pertinent documents and images to each task on your timeline. We have unlimited file storage that keeps all your important files in one place. If teams have questions, they can comment on the task.

See progress for tasks by the amount of shading on the duration bar

7. Track Progress

Monitor your progress on the timeline by the shading of the duration bar connecting the start and end dates for a task. The more shaded, the closer to completion. Progress can also be tracked on the real-time dashboard, or by generating reports.

Notification window on main navigation bar showing updates

8. Edit as Needed

Change your timeline easily when issues arise in your project. All you need to do is drag and drop task tasks to a new start time or deadline. That change is then reflected throughout the software, and everyone is alerted by email or in-app notification.

Window to invite others to see the project

9. Share With Stakeholders

Easily share your timeline with your teams and stakeholders. Teams need direction, and stakeholders require updates to know the project is progressing on schedule. Timelines can be exported as PDFs and printed out to be shared.

Roadmap view of multiple projects all displayed on a timeline

10. View Roadmap

See how all your timelines mesh on our roadmap view, which is useful when managing multiple projects at the same time. Here, you can make sure that each project is aligned with the strategic goals of the organization.

Essential Project Timeline Software Features

Plan, Schedule & Manage Your Timeline

Manage your timeline with our dynamic Gantt chart. Build your timeline from a task list. Add tags, descriptions and attach files, then assign the tasks to your team and monitor their progress.

Gantt Chart image

Keep Your Budget on Track

Track expenses on your timeline by adding actual non-resource costs. Add hourly rates for your resources, too, and see how your expenses compare to your planned budget. Get a bird’s-eye view of project costs by using the real-time dashboard cost chart.

Cost Management image

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get data-rich reports on project status, tasks, variance, workload and more. Generate reports with just a click. and filter them to capture just the information you want. Reports can be shared, and the dashboard shows a real-time picture of the project at stakeholder presentations.

Reports image

Balance Teams, Supplies, Equipment & More

Identify all your project resources, add hourly rates and chart costs in real time as work hours are logged during the project. Use the Gantt chart to allocate resources and keep your team’s workload balanced. Get estimated costs for all your resources and track them in one place.

Resource Management image

Import & Export Project Timelines

Share project timelines with your team and stakeholders by inviting them to the project. Regulate what they can see by assigning roles, which sets boundaries on the information they have available. Plus, timelines can be imported and exported with one click.

Easy Sharing image

See All Your Timelines in One Place

Get transparency into all your projects using a single tool. With the roadmap, you can display all the projects in your portfolio on a single timeline and get visibility down to the task level. Filter the roadmap by assignee, project manager or customer and customize it how you want.

Portfolio Management image

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ProjectManager is an award-winning tool that organizes projects and teams for greater productivity. Project timeline software is great to see all your tasks across a schedule. It’s even greater when that tool integrates with a whole suite of project management features working together to help you stay on track.

Over 10,000 teams use our tool to manage projects. They build project timelines, manage resources, track progress and report to stakeholders all without leaving our software. We help large businesses such as Volvo and Bank of America and complex organizations like NASA, the USPS and the University of Washington.

See how project timeline software can help you get your tasks and projects organized by taking a free 30-day trial today.

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