Efficient, Centralized System

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and email searches: we put all work and communication in one place. A user can log into our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software from anywhere with an internet connection. All your business processes, projects and documentation can finally be housed under one roof.

Group of women and men around a table discussing resource planning
Real-time dashboard reporting in ProjectManager

Cloud Software for Real-Time Data

Get real-time data for an edge when making business decisions. Because our software is cloud-based, status updates are instantly reflected on the dashboard, which displays key project metrics across your company. You get the information you need, when you need it, so you can act with certainty.

Turn Insights into Action

Our ERP software has superior reporting features. You can track progress and manage team workload to avoid cost overruns and improve productivity. One-click reports and dashboards give you greater insight into business mechanics, spotlighting where to improve. Collaboration features allow multiple departments to work together to roll out those improvements.

ProjectManager's easy-to-use commenting system, complete with attachment support
Team Task Management feature

Manage Teams and Their Schedules

Our software gives you the tools to organize every aspect of your team, from their department to their skill sets and hourly wages. You can even automatically calculate resource costs as you make work schedules. Track their time with timesheets, which can be submitted and approved with ease. Then, monitor their progress with dashboards and reports.

Get the Ultimate ERP Software

Control Resources Across the Business

You can set working hours, working days and holidays, both locally and internationally, to manage the workload of your entire workforce. Organize daily tasks and update them online. The Gantt view gives you an overview of progress and the tools to reallocate resources. Use our Team view to see what everyone is working on, and reassign tasks on the same screen.

Resource Management Reporting in ProjectManager
Side-by-Side Gantt chart creation screen

Plan Intricacies with Gantt Charts

We give you the tools to plan complex projects in your business with online Gantt charts. Set milestones over a timeline to breakdown large projects into doable phases; link task dependencies to keep workflow moving, and simply drag and drop the start and end dates if you need to make a change to the schedule. You can assign tasks and teams can collaborate at the task level.

Manage Workflow with Kanban Boards

Take advantage of visual workflow management with kanban boards to keep track of everything, from vendors to procurement and inventory. Cards can be tagged with labels and priority levels for easy filtering. Teams can collaborate by attaching files and comments. Progress is charted as cards move from one column on the board to the next.

Gantt chart with Ready to Start, In Progress, Deploy, Validate, and Done columns
Project Portfolio Management Dashboard

Master Portfolios with PPM Tools

Our portfolio dashboard has real-time metrics for all of your projects in one place, so you can make strategic decisions about resources. The dynamic roadmap shows all of your projects on a timeline, with milestones and dependencies to view all business functions and processes, giving you the insights you need to make the right choices.

An Inexpensive ERP Solution

There are other ERP options, but they’re prohibitively expensive and unnecessarily complex. Forget about the learning curve: our software is user-friendly, has a shorter implementation time and has all the bells and whistles you want—for a price that is fair and reasonable.

2 men and a woman around a laptop displaying a calendar planning view in ProjectManager

ERP Software for Project Management

create progress reports

Real-Time Data

Dashboards track progress and automated reports give you up-to-the-second information.

Tracking Tools

See where your team is on tasks and follow progress on all your projects.

Manage Teams

Assign, allocate and reallocate workload to stay balanced.

PPM Features

Manage resources across all your business projects.

Resource Management

Know who is working on what and keep teams from being over or under allocated.


Get automated reports on every aspect of your business with just a few clicks.


Online Gantt charts give you the tools to link dependencies, create milestones and assign tasks over a project timeline.

collaborate with your team

Collaborative Platform

Work with everyone in your business, wherever they are, by sharing and commenting on work.