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We are very excited to announce our August release for the new version of In this release, we introduced easy-to-use project templates, improved our import functionality and added the ability to include tags on reports.

We take customer feedback into careful consideration when designing new features, and this release was no exception. Customers will see these new features the next time they log in to the new version of If you are not yet a customer, be sure to check out the new features with a 30-day free trial.

Watch the video below for a walk-through of our new additions.

Project management training video (ayn39tzq9t)

Start Projects Quickly with our Industry Specific Templates

We created easy-to-use project templates to help you get your projects up and running quickly. Instead of creating a task list from scratch, you can get started immediately by choosing a template when you create a new project. If you are wondering how could work for your team, you can download a specific template to get started.

You will be able to download a template the first time that you log in or any time that you create a new project. You will find it easy to add your own assignees, due dates, files and more into the pre-populated templates.

The new templates include:

  • IT Project Plan: This template is a sample project designed for IT teams. It highlights advanced Gantt features including resource allocation, dependencies and milestones as well as tags. The tags are specific to IT teams, such as Ticket, Request and Bug.
  • Construction Schedule: In construction, projects are often repeatable, so a template is especially useful. This construction template gives you a project outline from contracts to project closing. You will see examples of how to use advanced dependencies, allocate resources and add milestones in the Gantt. You will also see construction-specific tags on the Board, List and Gantt view, including Risk, Issue and Change. The template includes assignees to show you how you may assign tasks to other team members for collaboration.
  • Agile Sprint Planner: Agile teams may prefer a Board to manage workflow, so this template begins on the Board view while populating data in the List and Gantt as well. This template provides sprint planning, development and testing. You will see tags, such as Story or Bug, as well as how dependencies in the Gantt can be useful for agile teams.
  • Product Launch: This template takes you through the process of designing a product, from goal-setting to product launch. You will see how tags can be useful for identifying certain areas such as Metrics, Market Strategy and Product Management.
  • Marketing Campaign: This template can be used for a variety of marketing projects including creating a website, digital advertising, graphic design and creating content. The template shows you how you may use resource allocation, tags and advanced Gantt features in a marketing campaign. 

In addition to pre-populated data, we have added features to our templates such as tags, milestones, assignees and dependencies to show you how you can use them to manage your projects. The added features will also help populate your project dashboards so you can see how using a dashboard can improve your projects.

new industry templates in
New Project Templates in

Imports Are Even More Seamless

We’ve always made it easy to import your MS Project, XML, Excel and CSV files into the software. However, our latest release includes additional support for MS Project files as well as an improved flow for Excel and CSV files. We now also support a global import so you can now easily import from any page in the software.

If you are importing an Excel or CSV file, you will be able to import a project directly from the global Import button. We have made it easier to map your columns, as the software will detect a header row by default. If your template includes assignees, you will be able to add the user’s role and email address directly in the popup.

We now support all newer versions of MS Project including the 2019 version.

global import button for
The New Global Import Button

Tags Are Now Available in Reports

If you are currently using tags, a feature that we rolled out in our last release, you will be now able to view them in the Project Status, Task and Timesheet reports. Tags can help you organize your project across the Board, List and Gantt.

For instance, an IT team may use Ticket, Request or Bug to highlight these type of tasks and then report on their progress. You have the ability to color-code these tags in the Board and List. Once you have used a tag, you will be able to easily use it again without having to retype it.

If you are pulling a Project Status, Task or Timesheet report, you will see tags as an available column to select.

If you are a current customer, you will be able to see these new features the next time you login. If you are not a current customer and would like to see how can help your projects, go here to start your 30-day-free trial.

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