Best Project Management and Leadership Blogs – 2016

Welcome to our annual roundup of the best project management and leadership Blogs of 2016! The wealth of information on the web about leadership, technology and project management is vast. That’s why, over the course of the past year, our team of editors has collected the blogs we have found to be most informative and influential so we can share them annually with our readership.

The following are the best of the best, which we’ve broken down into several topics: Leadership/Management, Product Management/Technology, Agile/Scrum and Project Management.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

Editors Note: While we certainly feel our regular contributors and their read-worthy blogs deserve to be honored, particularly adding diversity to the project management blog selections, we chose a policy of un-bias in our selection criteria for this list. Of course, we were selective in all of our category choices, but know that some gems may have passed undetected through our filters, so if you have any must-read sites we missed let us know for next year!

Best PM & Leadership Blogs 2016


Umair Haque Diary

Umair Haque

A recognized management expert, with a couple of books under the prestigious Harvard Business Publishing imprint, Haque specializes in economics, leadership, innovation, finance and careers. On his creatively styled and written blog there are fiction and nonfiction excerpts from his books, essays on a variety of topics, manifestos and more. Here, expect to dive deep into more existential, historical and sociological concerns, where some leaders and managers dare to tread. 

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

The author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker is has published 17 books and has lead some successful startups at the beginning of the dot-com boom. His blog posts are edifying short bursts of knowledge on practical things such as how to use a microphone to reversing errors in scale and how to recognize and avoid them, and, how the bearers of new ideas are often disliked. Godin’s blog is a must-bookmark for any business leader and an insightful daily inbox read to start your day.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review

The blog of the magazine, with original content and reprints from the print publication. The brand is well-recognized and it should be, featuring lots of strong content daily that’s well-researched, reasoned and written by leading Harvard professors and global business experts and leadership gurus. It’s a staple for emerging thoughts on innovation, leadership, management, and economics. There are also videos and webinars for members and subscribers.

One Million by One Million

Sramana Mitra

Sramana Mitra is an entrepreneur and strategy consultant who has been based in Silicon Valley since 1994, where she has focused on hardcore technology disciplines like semiconductors, cloud computing and sophisticated consumer marketing industries, such as fashion and education. The mission of her blog is to help a million entrepreneurs globally reach $1 million in annual revenue, $1 trillion in global GDP and created 10 million jobs.


Monocle for Business

The stylish business reader is going to already be aware of this bespoke brand’s print magazine, podcasts and blogs, but even the slovenly among us can benefit from its uniquely global view and super smart writing. The magazine and blog take an on-the-ground reportorial view of global entrepreneurship, innovation and industry through profiles of manufacturing, real estate, retail, technology and transport. And, of course, their signature travelogues which serve as a kind of personal concierge through the world of global business leaders. 

Insights by Stanford Business

Stanford Insights

The renowned university’s business school also has a renowned blog to accompany their print magazine that publishes insightful pieces on every aspect and sector of business. Their local and global takes, as well as pieces on politics, healthcare, technology and organization, offer a unique view from the heart of Silicon Valley. Articles, podcasts, interviews and profiles include insights from prominent Stanford professors, startup founders, innovation experts and leaders in the fields of marketing, economics, business, management and more.

Rita Gunther McGrath


Columbia Business School professor and noted strategist and innovation specialist, McGrath specializes in developing sound strategy in uncertain and volatile environments. She has worked as an IT director and also in the politics, founded two startups and received her Ph.D. from Wharton School. On her blog, she frequently writes about current topics in technology in business, offering her take on strategic business decision making, women and leadership, and more. 

The John Maxwell Co.

John Maxwell

A prolific author of over 70 books who has trained over five million leaders, Maxwell’s subject is leadership and entrepreneurship and he covers all the hits on his blog. He writes equally prolifically on his blog, which is filled with inspiration for leaders looking for ideas, tips and strategies on a variety of leadership topics. Some recent posts include: how to earn influence; how to find the particular types of mentors everyone needs in order to grow as a leader; and inspirational leadership quotes. Maxwell is an institution, and his blog is worth a visit for that alone.

Vijay Govindarajan (VG)

Vijay Govindarajan

Regarded as an expert on strategy and innovation, the best-selling author and Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, VG (as he’s known) first pioneered the concept of reverse innovation. VG’s voluminous blog covers subjects as varied as why some companies are timeless while others fade, to his “Three Box Solution” for innovation. VG’s blog also hosts a bunch of other resources of his such as his TED talks and his speeches at the World Economic Forum.


John Kotter

John Kotter set the leadership stage, and now the Harvard professor’s Kotter International team advisory firm writes the blog on it, too. With a philosophy in organizational leadership to create a durably effective process, this blog is inclusive and works to expand what the definition of leadership is, who does it, where, when and how. The why is also explored in articles about strategy, context and analysis. The Kotter International Team blog is an essential resource for leadership for leaders at any stage.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett


Economist and founding president and CEO of the Center for Talent Innovation, a think tank on realizing new streams of labor in the global marketplace, Hewlett blogs on the Huffington Post about gender and women’s leadership, among other topics. But don’t be fooled by the tame outlet. An important voice in leadership no matter where she blogs, Hewlett tackles gender and race equality issues head on and challenges question of global leadership and management monthly, and is a frequent columnist to HBR, as well.

Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman

The psychologist to the professional and business set, Goleman is also a science journalist who writes about the brain and behavior. He has pioneered the concept of emotional intelligence and offers soft-skill tools to help with leadership and management issues that other methodologies aren’t equipped to address. Goleman’s blog offer’s practical tips for applying his pioneering concepts in everyday practice for leaders of teams and for your own productivity, too. 

Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell is a leadership and management guru who has been blogging his passion since 2010. He has a background in theology, pastoral ministry and construction and design (as well as an MBA) and has owned businesses and served as the Workforce Development Consult for Penn State University, all of which informs his writing. Speaking of writing, his blog posts are self-limited to 300 words. So consider this blog a source of bite-size nuggets of wisdom from a self-proclaimed “freak” who is enthusiastically sharing his Zen koan like thoughts to make the world a better place for leaders like you and me.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt

Hyatt aims to provide “virtual mentorship” for those looking to do more with their personal brand. The former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and author of several books on creating a life plan and how to gain visibility online, has a mission to help high achievers win at work and succeed at life. He writes about personal development, leadership, productivity and how to gain public influence. Recent articles have invoked Yoda, discussed how to create personal productivity plans, and how to write a winning book proposal.  

Innovation Excellence

Innovative Excellence

A collective of writers from the field of innovation experience (IX), Innovation Excellence is part community part movement. Posts are written by thought leaders, practitioners, consultants, vendors or academics offering articles or resources to keep updated on the newest scientific breakthroughs, techniques and methodologies to create better innovative processes.

Product Management/Technology


True leadership is the art of managing diverse teams, and this blog is one of the best destinations for discussions around hiring, engaging and managing talented people of color in the tech industry. Founded as an internship program by Tristan Walker, the blog is part of the nonprofit of the same name whose goals are to create pathways to educational, professional and entrepreneurial success. Stay abreast and be a part of this growing voice in the industry.

Hacker Chick
Abby Finchtner

Abby Fichtner, named a Top-25 Women in Boston Tech by The Boston Globe, is a “Hacker in Residence” for the Harvard Innovation Lab, creator of Hack Boston, advisor for the SXSW Accelerator and launched Big Data Hacker Space. A software developer by trade, she uses the blog to explore ideas that interest and inspire her, including entrepreneurship, innovation, building Agile frameworks, teaching kids to code, maker culture, and building innovative communities.

Ribbon Farm
Venkatesh Rao

Based in Seattle, Venkatesh Rao is an independent researcher and management consultant, working mostly in the technology and media sectors. His experience ranges from startups to large organizations, with some academia. He writes about strategy, marketing and product management. If you’re having a hard time deciding whether to visit his site, he can be of some help, having authored a book on decision making called Tempo: Timing, Tactics and Strategy in Narrative-Driven Decision Making.

Alex Cowan

Alex Cowan

A self-described entrepreneur and intrapreneur, Cowan now splits his time between serving on the faculty at UVA Darden and advising/investing at Synapse Partners. His Venture Design framework is popular among practitioners looking for a systematic approach to creating new products and ventures. He recently launched an agile specialization on Coursera (Agile Development), which promises to equip the learner to use agile across ideation, concept testing, development, and delivery. On this blog, where he’s been writing for years, you’re sure to find more of his uniquely witty approach to topics such as innovation, lean startup, business model canvas, the death (and rebirth) of the business plan, and how to resuscitate zombie startups.

Cindy Alvarez
Cindy Alvarez

An author who’s written about driving lean change in her recent book Lean Customer Development, as well as a speaker and workshop leader, startup mentor and booster of women in tech, Alvarez uses her blog to expand on broader ideas of interest. While not a regular poster, her blog is a staple for CX and product management articles such as customer development tactics, behavioral economics, product UX, product development and communications.

SVPGMarty Cagan

SVPG stands for Silicon Valley Product Group, and Marty Cagan is a founding partner who populates its blog with articles on defining and building products. He has some experience in that, having worked with some of the biggest names in tech, including,  Hewlett-Packard, Netscape Communications, America Online and eBay. He is interested in modern software product organization, including product management, software development, product marketing, user interface design, usability engineering, technical writing, software testing, engineering management and general management.

Product TalkTeresa Torres

Teresa Torres is a product coach who helps teams adopt user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development practices. She has worked with companies of all sizes on integrating user research, experimentation and the right analytics into the product development process resulting in better product decisions. Her blog focuses on what you need to know to make better internet products. Articles cover everything from communications to customer interviews and hiring to working with engineers.

Eric D. Brown

Eric D. Brown

Self-professed data nerd, Brown uses his blog to write about technology, strategy, people and projects. His experience includes working with IT and marketing groups to integrate technology with marketing initiatives. With a Doctor of Science in Information Systems, specializing in Knowledge Management, Decision Support, Social Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing, you’re sure to get an education here.

Agile/Scrum Blog

This blog is made up of writings collected from the community of experts in Scrum, Agile and all aspects of software development. Dozens of authors publish multiple times a month exploring ideas such as the scrum master as a change agent, learning from failure and the importance of coaching and facilitating.

Mouintain Goat Software

Mike Cohn Mountain Goat

Mike Cohn is the founder of Mountain Goat Software. He specializes is helping companies adopt and improve their use of Agile processes and techniques to build high-performance development organizations. A founding member of the Scrum Alliance and the Agile Alliance, this is a great place to stay current on what’s happening in new methodologies, how-to articles on scrum and agile practices, and new ideas for your team. 

Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management


Brodzinski’s writings are well known in the dev-sphere on StackExchange and Twitter, and the CEO of Lunar Logic also serves as a trainer and coach, too.  On his blog emparts some of that wisdom, sharing stories of his life as a professional software project manager and offering advice for teams and orgs on a broad range of software dev topics with agile, lean and kanban focus.

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler

The author and speaker on design of enterprise software works for ThoughtWork, a software delivery and consultant company, Fowler uses his blog as a repository for writings on software development. He focus mostly on design and Agile methods, with sections on news and definitions, as well as more traditional articles.

Growing Agile
Growing Agile

A partnership between Karen Greaves and Samantha Laing, the South Africa-based site is focused on using Agile techniques. They offer coaching, training and books on the subject, and, of course, this blog with great posts on Scrum, Agile and leadership from a variety of guest writers. Topics include servant leadership, women in agile, team leadership, testing, prioritization, leadership and management. The site also hosts podcasts and webinars, so a offers a great community feel with opportunities for engaging globally.

Scrum Inc.


A training, consulting and counsel to companies and individuals interesting in using an Agile management framework, the writers on this blog are authors of mainstream books, scientific papers, case studies and online educational content. Founded by Jeff Sutherland, the blog is a great entry point for the curious and the experienced. The blog offers in-depth analysis of new products, methods, and technologies developed using the Agile & Scrum framework. 

Tyner Blain


Tyner Blain is the product management, strategy, consulting, coaching, teaching, writing and speaking firm of Scott Sehlhorst. He has a degree from Carnegie Mellon and experience in mechanical engineering and software. His voluminous blog offers deep dives into agile and product management. While not a frequent poster, his articles are essential reads on product success and failure, how to write requirements, developing the product roadmap, and product owner survival guides. 

Tasty Cupcakes

A community-run site, founded by Michael McCullough and Don McGreal, offering games, techniques and approaches that help you use and explore everything from Agile to communications and development. Less blog than practical resource for Agile games and collaboration practice ideas, Tasty Cupcakes is an essential tool for any product or project team looking to have a little fun or shake up ideas for innovation or product development.

Alistair Cockburn

Alistair Cockburn

Cockburn’s site has over 3,000 pages of articles, blog posts, videos, lectures, discussions and even poems. Suffice it to say, this advanced Agile expert is prolific. He also uses a lot of memes to help visualize his ideas. Cockburn has been called an “Agile Jedi” who is able to write about methodologies with a clarity that helps others understand, but you may need the force to be able to navigate the voluminous pages and posts on his site where you’ll find topics ranging from motivation maps to burn charts to increments and iterations to the wonderfully titled Incorrectly Transferred Muffins.  

Women in Agile

Women in Agile

If you’re looking to find more women in the Agile movement for their unique perspective, then this site is worthy of being bookmarked. This hub collects dozens of blogs by women in project management, software development, and Agile who are writing about the methodology (some of whom have contributed to our own blog). The site is also a great community resource if you’re looking for upcoming events, the latest research, and what’s trending in social to keep up-to-date on equity in agile.

Project Management

Herding Cats


Glen B. Alleman is an Agile program planning with 30 years experience in the field. His blog is all about performance-based project management with a focus on such heavy weight topics as earned value, risk, cost, integrated master planning and integrated master scheduling. His regular posts are a staple in the profession, with substantive topical explorations, book reviews, and analytical slideshares of topics that make for insightful reads and helpful tutorials, not fluff. 

Brad Egeland


The independent consultant to the IT and services sector, based in Las Vegas, Egeland works with software and business services. He knows marketing and project management, with a strong base in leadership. The articles he publishes on his blog run the gamut from making meetings more efficient to working remotely and dealing with stress on a project.

Drunken PM


This blog and podcast is hosted by J. David Prior, a certified Scrum trainer. His posts are deeply informed and the many interviews he has done are no-nonsense dives into personal Kanban, the importance of estimates and the challenges of moving from traditional project management to Scum master.


PMI offers a big tent in which most of the industries best voices are collected and share their wealth of information and experience. The volume of content is enough to lose yourself on the site for days. Make sure you’ve got a comfortable chair and learn more about why certification matters, how to manage for uncertainty and ways to motivate your team.

Project News Today

PM News

Barry Hodge is a portfolio, program and project manager who specializes in establishing and growing project management in companies that have little to no framework for such discipline. He’s a coach and a mentor, which informs the blog’s mission of providing useful resources for fellow project managers and those who are leading projects.

Easy in theory, difficult in practice

Easy in theoryThe title of Kiron Bondale’s blog relates to much project management. It offers, as he says, “thoughts on project portfolio and change management challenges.” Bondale has managed multiple mid-to-large sized changed management projects, and has worked in both internal and professional services project management capacities. He has set up Project Management Offices (PMO) and knows portfolio management. He writes about everything from Agile to contingency.

Ron Rosenhead

RonRosenheadRosenhead has been involved with project management for 15 years. He is primarily known as a trainer, consultant and coach, with his blog as a receptacle for ideas that come up related to his working relationship with individuals and organizations. Those topics include benefits management, strategy, project sponsor, risk management and shareholder management.

Sensible PM


The blog is run by Mark Phillipy, whose 15 years of project management experience is in the IT sector, software development and implementation. He is well versed in both traditional methodologies and newer ones, such as Agile. His writing addresses both the seasoned vet in the industry and the newcomer or “accidental project manager.”

Henny Portman’s Blog

Henny Portman

As the subhead states, this is a place to read about “portfolio, program and project management.” Being a PMO expert puts Portman at the forefront of the discussion and makes his services as a trainer valuable throughout Europe and Asia. He’s also a well-known author in the industry. The site is a good window into his views, opinions and beliefs in the business.

And, of course, while we think our contributors at deserve to make the list, we wanted our list to be as objective as possible. Please make sure to visit our contributor’s sites. You can find links to their blogs on their author pages.
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We’re happy to point you in the direction of the most vibrant voices in the industry, and we hope you find our content on par, but you should also note that is a software developer with the industry’s best tool made specifically for your needs. With real-time dashboard views and an online collaborative platform, we think you’ll agree, but see for yourself with this free 30-day trial.

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