Flexible Software for Scrum Teams

Our software is flexible, powerful and can pivot as the project changes. ProjectManager offers multiple project views so scrum teams can decide how they want to plan and execute their sprints. Plus, there’s no setup time. Our cloud-based software lets you launch your first project instantly.

3 women and 2 men sitting around a laptop planning a sprint
side-by-side gantt chart view of a sprint

Efficient Sprint Planning with Templates

Our easy-to-use templates help you start your sprint faster. When you create a new project, choose our agile sprint planner template and plug in your dates. Use Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists or even calendars. However you plan sprints, we have you covered.

Keep Sprints Moving with Boards

Kanban boards make it easy for teams to stay focused on the sprint at hand. Every phase of the production cycle is detailed on customizable columns. Our board has advanced features too, like custom tags, embedded to-do lists, priority icons and filters so you can accelerate your progress.

kanban board with Not Started, Started, and Done columns
Projectmanager's ticket commenting system

Get More from Scrum Meetings

Foster a collaborative culture online, and facilitate in-person scrum meetings. Daily scrums can be scheduled, and everyone notified automatically. Any notes and/or images that relate to the meeting can be saved to the task, as we offer unlimited file storage. Keep the conversation going by using comments and @ mentions.

Get the Ultimate Scrum Software

Track Progress and Teams

Our cloud-based software provides teams with dashboards and resource charts to track progress and teams in real time. Six project metrics reveal sprint progress and automatically populate dashboards for easy analysis. Workload and resources are visually tracked as well. Calculate resource costs, redistribute tasks and even submit timesheets with our comprehensive scrum software.

Project tracking dashboard
task list view of a project

Increase Focus by Limiting Scope

Permissions and security settings help everyone focus on their assigned work. Create private task lists to manage your own work, or use collaborative task lists to advance projects. For example, a sprint backlog can be collected on a task list, and permissions can be given to specific team members who need to contribute.

Reveal Useful Data with Reports

Automated reports help managers track project progress and communicate with stakeholders. Clear, actionable reports keep everyone in the loop and allow teams to continue their work uninterrupted. They can be filtered to display the data you want and then shared on a variety of platforms.

Portfolio status report creation screen
hands gathered around a laptop and pointing

Collaborative Scrum Software

Scrum teams work independently. They need tools that create the collaborative culture in which they thrive. Our cloud-based software connects distributed teams and allows them to work together anytime and anyplace.

Award-Winning Scrum Software

Everything you need to execute scrum, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Multiple Project Views

Great for multiple departments. Software teams can use boards while IT teams can use the Gantt.

create timesheets

Time Tracking

Track scrum team’s time on tasks and get automated weekly timesheets.

collaborate with your team


Work together by commenting, sharing, attaching files and tagging project members.

Resource Management

Plan better sprints by managing your resources.

Unlimited File Storage

Keep customer feedback, sprint retrospectives and all relevant project docs in one place.

Import and Export

It’s easy to import and export Excel and MS Project files.


Break up large projects into manageable milestones.

get alerts


Automate notifications to keep everyone on the same page.