How NASA uses

Collaborating on the coolest projects in the solar system and beyond…

NASA is the organization responsible for the US Space Program. Established by President Eisenhower in 1958, the organization has achieved major milestones in space exploration such as placing man on the moon in 1969, the first soft Mars landing in 1971 and orbiting Mercury in 2011 to name a few.

With thousands of employees, the organization continues to focus on aeronautical research, answering core questions relevant to all mankind, such as: “What’s out there in space?” and “How do we get there?”

Unique Challenge

NASA currently uses a variety of project management methodologies, disciplines and practices to deliver a phenomenal number of projects each year. Many of the projects are classified and as such, use specialized tool sets to meet their unique requirements.

One of the core challenges the organization faced is the ability to communicate with the vast quantity of vendors who are outside the organizations firewall. For this reason, they decided to adopt an online, web-based system that enabled their teams to monitor and control projects with both internal and external staff.

Another challenge was the need to see the status of their projects real-time. NASA staff are often on the move, and they wanted to see at-a-glance whether their projects were on track, from anywhere anytime.


They reviewed a variety of solutions on the market before choosing We were chosen as the clear market leader because the solution was seen as easy to use, collaborative in nature and the graphical dashboard tells them the status of NASA’s projects real-time.

The NASA team also felt that the level of support offered by the customer team met their needs and would be able to help their teams run and manage operational projects quickly.

One key factor that was important to NASA was collaboration. Everyone in the team need to know the status of the project as it is happening. By using, they would have the right information at the right time and be able to collaborate on operations in real-time.


Today, helps NASA to communicate with vendors, contractors and suppliers by providing a single, easy-to-use platform that can be used on a desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile phone. The team at NASA log in to check the status of their projects at a glance. If projects are late, they receive e-mail alerts immediately informing them of what is going on, so that they can fix issues as soon as they arise. By using the tool-set, NASA project teams are beginning to standardize their terminology on projects, improving the way that project managers communicate with one another.

Because of the ability to share documents and files online in a single place, teams can also collaborate and work more efficiently on projects from earth to the moon and beyond…