Google Apps + = the Perfect Combination

A Customer Case Study


Linko are one of the leading IT Consulting Services Companies specializing in the fast growing Financial Sector in Mexico. With over 120 high-end consultants, the Company has large volumes of projects on the go at any-one-time. They manage a wide variety of IT project types and sizes. Until now, they have used a mish-mash of systems to track projects from end to end. Their team is highly trained in managing projects, most being certified by the Project Management Institute. Their customers include 20 of the largest financial institutions in North America like Scotiabank, BBVA Bancomer, Banco Azteca, Walmart Bank, etc.


“Before we turned to, we had no clear visibility of our projects,” says Javier Solano, Chief Operations Officer. “Our projects were being managed in lot of different tools across the organization, so it was a lot of work to try and get a single picture of the truth. Only the project managers knew what was happening day-to-day, whereas our senior management team had to rely on manually created reports to get a clear idea of where we were at.

Our sales people didn’t know the exact status of the projects before they spoke to customers making it a challenge to keep everyone informed. We needed to improve our visibility and our communication quickly. So like most companies with the same challenge, we looked for an online solution.”


Linko approached this challenge in two steps. First was to migrate off the Microsoft platform into the Google Apps world. They then wanted to be able to login to all of their systems from one place – which is easy using Google authentication services.

The next step was to search for an online project management tool to improve the visibility of their projects. It had to be a perfect fit with the Google Apps suite.

“We tried stacks of different tools before deciding on,” says Solano. “But it was an easy choice for us because the software comes with a graphical dashboard that tells you at a glance whether you’re on track. That’s exactly what we wanted, to improve the visibility of our projects.”

“We also realized that the Gantt Chart in was a replacement for Microsoft Project,” he continues. “In this way, we could use the Google Apps suite to replace Microsoft Word and Excel, and to replace Microsoft Project. Together, Google Apps and is the perfect combination.”


Solano: “Project immediately improves the visibility of our projects. Our sales people can find out the status of our projects before speaking to customers, and we’re setting it up so that our managers can login online to see where projects are at, real-time. We’re rolling out “one common platform” for our project managers and it’s the best approach. With better control of projects and being able to see what’s happening at a glance, we can control our own destiny. It’s brilliant.”