Free Google Sheets Inventory Template: Track Your Inventory Online


Inventories are a very important tool for business management as they allow companies to track physical assets such as raw materials, supplies and products that are available for sale. This Google Sheets inventory template works for any of those cases, especially for teams that need to collaborate online.

Why Should You Use This Google Sheets Inventory Template?

Currently, most manufacturing and retail management teams use Excel for inventory tracking, but there are good reasons to use Google Sheets instead.

The key difference between Excel and Google Sheets inventory templates is that Excel inventory templates need to be downloaded, stored and shared every time anyone changes the inventory. This isn’t only time-consuming but also can lead to confusion as everyone who’s involved with inventory management must have the latest version of the file, or else there could be inventory tracking discrepancies and worse yet, inventory control issues.

This Google Sheets inventory template doesn’t need to be downloaded or saved by any of your team members, as it’s an online file that’s stored in the cloud. This means anyone can access the latest version of the inventory at any time, from any device and location.

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How to Use This Google Sheets Inventory Template

The first step to use this Google Sheets inventory template is to make a copy of it. By default, the Google Sheets link will only allow you to view the inventory template, but you won’t be able to make any changes unless you make a copy of your own.

Then you’ll want to add the inventory to the Google Sheet, including a description, unit price and how much of that particular piece of inventory you have in stock. There are also columns to set the level at which you’ll want to reorder stock so as not to run out in mid-production. You can also note how much you’d like to reorder and more.

Once you have the inventory template filled out, you’ll want to share it with your team. The fact that you can collaborate on the Google Sheet is one of the biggest advantages to using Google over Excel. Go to the share button on the top right and set if you want the Google Sheet to be view-only or if you team has edit privileges. Then choose the team members you want to share it with and send it to them. Now you have a collaborative inventory to stay on top of production.

Google sheet inventory template

What Is Included in This Google Sheets Inventory Template?

Here’s a quick overview of each of the elements that make up this free Google Sheets inventory template and why they’re beneficial for managing the operations of a manufacturing business. You may add extra columns or rows if needed to fit the particular needs of your team.

Inventory Manager Information

Here you can list information about the inventory manager or whoever is in charge of keeping track of the inventory in your organization. Enter the person’s name and contact information such as a phone number or email.

Inventory Number

Here you can assign a number or code to each item in your inventory, like the stock-keeping units (SKUs) of your products.

Name & Description of Items

As stated above, this Google Sheets inventory template can be used to track product stock, materials or supplies required for manufacturing products. Use these two columns to describe what the item is.

Unit Price

Here, you can assign a price per unit for each item in your inventory. This is very important for calculating the total value of your product inventory or calculating the costs of your business, which is important when preparing financial statements and reporting to stakeholders.

Quantity in Stock

This column helps you keep track of the quantity of each item in your inventory. This will be the value that’ll change the most as you manufacture or sell your products.

Inventory Price

The value of your inventory price is automatically calculated by this Google Sheets inventory template based on the unit price and quantity in stock values.

Reorder Information

You’ll need to restock the inventory regularly so that you can continue to manufacture and sell your products. The reorder columns will help you keep track of the reorder point, which dictates how often you should reorder and the quantity that should be ordered. An effective reordering process not only helps you serve your customers but streamlines your logistic management activities.

  • Reorder level: The remaining quantity of stock at which you should order more units.
  • Reorder days: The time it takes for inventory items to arrive after they’ve been ordered.
  • Quantity in reorder: How many units should be ordered once the reorder level is reached

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