The Best Basecamp Alternative of 2021 is an award-winning software that is perfect for teams that require more robust project management features than what Basecamp provides. Our cloud-based tool has all the features of Basecamp, plus multiple project views to work in—including Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists and calendars. This Basecamp alternative is the one-stop solution to all your project management needs.

Track Time & Costs

Easily monitor the time and costs associated with your team’s work, and keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Tiered Pricing

Pick your price point with a three-tier subscription plan. Don’t get locked into Basecamp’s one price-fits-all scheme.

Your Team, Working Together

Your whole team stays on the same page with powerful collaborative features. Work on tasks, make comments and add attachments.

How Compares to Basecamp

This visual tour of shows you why we're considered the best Basecamp alternative. With, you can work smarter and more efficiently. Featuring Gantt charts, kanban boards, dashboards and robust team management, no other software provides what we offer in such an easy-to-use platform.

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Why Seek a Basecamp Alternative?

Basecamp works fine for simple task management and message-board-like communication tools for teams, but it's limited when it comes to managing most projects and can be cost prohibitive. has a full suite of project management features that help you manage projects big and small at an attractive price point.

What Does Better Than Basecamp is a fully-fledged project management software that gives you all the tools needed to manage every phase of your project. No need to mix and match software, like with Basecamp.


  • Link tasks and assign work
  • See critical path and set baselines
  • Share plans with teams and stakeholders


  • Balance workload for your team & set holidays
  • Use kanban boards to visualize workflows
  • Track time and resource costs


  • Monitor progress on real-time dashboards
  • Log hours with secure, online timesheets
  • Generate detailed reports with one-click

The Basecamp Alternative with Powerful Project Tools goes further than Basecamp and gives you all the tools you need to complete your project.

Manage Projects With More Than a To-Do List

Get organized with our online Gantt chart, one of our multiple project views. List tasks and create dependencies to avoid bottlenecks. Set milestones to break up larger projects into phases. Then assign your team, with detailed tasks, tags for priority and more, even attach files.

Visualize Your Teams Work on Kanban Boards

Lay out your tasks, manage your backlog and plan sprints with kanban boards. Basecamp has no board option without integrating with third-party apps. Ours are fully integrated into our software suite, connecting boards to reports and much more.

Keep Your Teams Connected

Connect teams on our collaborative platform and work together in real-time, whether in the next office or another country. Comment at the task level, and even tag team members not assigned to the task to bring them into the conversation. Stay updated with email and in-app alerts.

Balance Teams’ Tasks for Greater Productivity

Know who’s working on what, and make sure your teams have the resources to match their capacity. Basecamp only goes so far in managing tasks. Our tool has a color-coded workload chart that quickly shows who is overallocated and lets you reallocate resources from that page.

Know How Much Time Is Logged on Tasks

Track the amount of time your team spends on their tasks and stay on schedule. Unlike Basecamp, we can log the time it takes to finish tasks. We let you stay on top of progress and streamline the payroll process all with one tool.

Collect Real-Time Data and Make Better Decisions

See project variance, costs, time and more project metrics on a live dashboard. Our tool calculates the data automatically and displays it in easy-to-read graphs and charts. One-click status reports go deeper and can be filtered and shared with stakeholders.

Why Instead of Basecamp? is an award-winning alternative to Basecamp that manages tasks and helps teams collaborate better. More than a rudimentary project management software, we plan, monitor and report on all phases of your project. You get the kind of control that Basecamp can’t touch without the expense.

If you’re looking for more than a glorified to-do list, we can offer you features that manage your task, teams, resources with real-time communication and data so everyone is always on the same page.

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“ offers fabulous tools that rival Microsoft Project and are indeed a better all round experience.

More Basecamp Alternatives

If you’re not convinced that is the one-stop-shop for all your project management needs and still want to shop around, that’s understandable. There are a lot of Basecamp alternatives on the market.

Here are some of the best Basecamp alternatives:


ClickUp is a project management app that offers an array of features beyond just simple task management and collaboration. For one, it has three ways to view a project: list, board and box. The list is a high-level view of your team’s work, which can be grouped, sorted and filtered. Board is a drop-and-drag workflow tool that appeals to teams working in an agile framework. Box view shows who is working on what and whether their tasks are allocated correctly.

The free tool is a good place to start, but it doesn’t provide any of the tools that project managers and teams need. Even if you decide to invest, the features prove too much for small projects and underperforming for larger projects. That being said, it’s a good alternative to Basecamp for expanding your project management capabilities without getting too sophisticated.


nTask is a tool that manages tasks and files, and it helps with scheduling meetings and making checklists for project teams. It has collaborative tools, task management and time tracking. Already you can see how it widens the lens on your project as a Basecamp alternative.

It’s nice that nTask can integrate with other tools like Slack, though it would be more helpful if it folded a communication feature into its own software. That said, most of the features are free, so it’s hard to complain too much about a product that helps you manage your tasks for free.


ProofHub is a project and team collaboration software, which helps teams plan, organize and deliver their projects. Like other Basecamp alternatives, it has kanban boards for self-directed teams and custom workflows, with task progress notification. There are also Gantt charts and task lists to assign to one or multiple team members.

In terms of communications, teams can create discussion topics to collect team and client conversations in one place. Notifications are great, but because users can’t choose which ones they receive, it can create a bit of notification pollution. Give ProofHub a chance if you’re looking to expand your feature set, and you don’t need advanced functionality.


Slack has become the communication platform embraced by businesses for its ability to reduce the clutter of email and foster better team communications. You can customize the program, which is great for startups and smaller teams. It’s easy to use and set up, add team members and create channels for specific departments, all of which makes for a smooth communication platform.

However, if you’re looking for task management, resource management, anything to monitor and track progress or report back to stakeholders, you’re going to have to saddle this software with a bunch of other apps. Nobody wants to use a makeshift project management software.

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