5 Task Management Tips for Your Team


There are better ways to manage your team’s task lists than with sticky notes and paper scraps. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, tells you how in this video.

Here’s a shot of the whiteboard for your reference!

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In Review: 5 Task Management Tips for Your Team

Jennifer noted that first thing in task management is to identify and collect all the tasks. Then you need to figure out the duration of those tasks and how much effort will be required for them, including the start and end dates.

Once you’ve done that, she suggested these five tips to better management those tasks.

  1. Use a software tool
  2. Create a system/process/guidelines
  3. Prioritize
  4. Setup reminders and email alerts
  5. follow through to completion

By following these steps you can have more control over the process of your team’s tasks and keep them on track, as well as react quickly when they fall behind schedule.

Pro-Tip: Just as important as a project leader knowing how to manage tasks, is training your to manage their own task lists. By giving them tips and best practices, they’re able to respond better and quicker to problems when they arise.

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Today, we’re talking about five task management tips for your team. If your team members are walking around with books of lists, and notepads, and sticky notes with task, then this whiteboard session is for you.

You wanna be sure to work with your team to identify all of the tasks that they’re working on, so everything out of the books, notepads, sticky notes into the task list. Let them know that you’re capturing all the tasks that they’re working on.

And you wanna know how many hours it’s taking, what kind of level of effort, how long. Some people track task according to 40 hours or 20-hour work packages. I say break it down to the level that makes sense for you and your team to work on and track.

You also want to capture the start date and the due date of those tasks and assign the resource, who’s gonna be accountable for completing that task.

And then for the tips, you wanna be sure to use a software tool. By using a software tool, it’s easier for your team members to capture the task that they’re working on. And also, they can go back and enter extra task that may come up later or that they may encounter.

You also wanna create a system, a process, and a guide for managing task. Let them know the process that they use to complete those tasks and even notify you when things get delayed, is there an escalation process and what did they do.

You also wanna have some way to prioritize task. Some people identify the priority by a numbering system like 1 through 10. Some people use a system of high, medium, or low. And then some people use critical and non-critical task.

You also wanna be able to set up reminders and email alert, so that you and your team know what task are coming up soon or even what task are delayed, or behind, or not completed at all.

You also wanna be sure to follow through and follow up on task to ensure they’re completed. And a bonus is to train your team on the task management tips and best practices for your project.

So if you need a tool that can help you with your task management, then sign up for our software now at projectmanager.com.

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