Scale What Works, Fix What Doesn’t

Use our business process management software to identify improvements and streamline operations. Perfect your plans and processes, and then duplicate them with fresh due dates and resources. Use our award-winning tracking and reporting tools to spot issues, and roll out plans to fix them.

A man and a woman looking at a tablet
side-by-side gantt chart

Plan, Schedule & Execute Processes

Our tools help you easily schedule operations and monitor workflow. Make plans and schedule tasks on our Gantt chart, which maps out tasks on a timeline with dependencies and milestones. Once those tasks are assigned, teams can use boards or task lists to manage their work.

Real-Time Tracking Across Your Business

Keep your plans on track with real-time dashboards and reports. The dashboard displays live data in colorful graphs and charts. See if you’re on schedule or behind, over or under budget and so on. Then share the data to keep everyone on the same page. Managers can even group projects into portfolios, so they can analyze related business processes.

Realtime dashboard reporting in ProjectManager
Assign People screen

Manage Your Team and Their Schedules

Get complete visibility into your team and their availability. Set holidays, working hours and track how many hours per week everyone is working. Our resource management feature automatically calculates labor costs, so you can get a grip on your project budget. We even have integrated timesheets for easy time tracking.

Get the Ultimate Business Process Management Software

Cloud-Based Software with
Unlimited Storage

Keep all your important documents in one, easy-to-access place. We have unlimited space for all of your files and images, so no more hunting around for important paperwork. It’s accessible to whomever you want, whenever they need it. Our software makes your administration more efficient.

Task commenting system including inline attachments
Kanban board with columns for Ready to Start, In Progress, Deploy, Validate, and Done

Kanban for Creating Workflows

Use our kanban board feature to break down your work into visual columns and cards. As tasks progress, team members can move them from one column to the next. This makes it easy to spot where tasks are piling up, and what needs to be done to get all the tasks into the “done” column.

Automate Alerts to Stay on Task

Repeated operations can be automated to streamline efficiencies. Get reminders when deadlines are near and notifications when statuses are updated. Work is seamlessly passed on from one team member to the next without the bottleneck. Nothing gets neglected, and everyone is aware of what’s due when.

Email alert setup screen
Portfolio Status Report Creation screen

Reports for In-Depth Analysis

ProjectManager has automated reports so you can uncover how your business processes are really performing. With just a few clicks, create status reports, workload reports, variance reports and more. From there, you can print them out or share with colleagues.

Award-Winning Business Process Management Tools

Collaborative Platform

Teams can comment and share files to work more productively.

create progress reports

Track Progress

Monitor task duration, workflow and more.

Cloud-Based Software

Get access to your business processes anytime, anywhere.


Online Gantt charts link dependencies and populate tasks over a timeline.

create timesheets


Employees log hours, and managers approve with one click.

Portfolio Management

Group and organize multiple projects to manage resources and collect interrelated data.

Task Management

Assign, monitor and track progress, while giving teams collaborative tools.

One-Click Reporting

Get real-time reports on variance, progress, tasks and more.