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Our project management software gives nonprofits the tools they need to deliver projects on time, build stakeholder trust and turn visions into realities. With an intuitive online interface, we make it easy to plan projects like fundraising events or capital projects, track donations and expenses, and manage staff and volunteers — all with one software. Every member of the team, from board members to staff members, can log into ProjectManager and quickly get the information they need to have a resonating impact on their projects and their communities.

All-In-One Solution

Manage projects, teams, files and budgets with one online software that can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Easy to Use

No training, no downloads and no expensive hardware rollouts are required. Simply sign up and log in.

Total Visibility

Our software offers total visibility into every project, task and team member, promoting accountability across the organization.

Software Built For Your Needs

  • Plan and schedule projects and tasks
  • Deliver assignments to volunteers and staff members
  • Track volunteers, tasks and expenses with real-time dashboards
  • Collaborate on projects and tasks online
  • Submit & approve online timesheets
ProjectManager's team collaboration dashboard
ProjectManager's team collaboration dashboard

Software Built For Your Needs

  • Easily balance and distribute resources
  • Track grants, budgets and expenses
  • Store files online
  • Give board members and stakeholders real-time updates
  • Restrict features and information based on role

Simple Planning & Scheduling Features

Use features like Gantt charts and task lists to plan and schedule all types of non-profit projects, from events to core initiatives. Our Gantt charts are online, interactive and customizable. Create your own columns for a personalized planning experience, and attach files to tasks to keep everything localized. For short-term projects, make task lists and to-do lists to stay on top of every detail.

Everyone Knows Their Job

Deliver assignments to anyone on the team with our task management features. Add comments, documents and deadlines so staff members know exactly what they need to accomplish. Once assigned, managers can monitor task progress with real-time dashboards and email alerts. Our project management software makes it easy to track several different initiatives down to the task level.

Visualize Your Team’s Workload

Managing the irregular availabilities of volunteers in a nonprofit organization can be a challenge without the right tools. Our resource management features allow you to easily distribute human and non-human resources across several projects. Team calendars show which projects your team members are assigned to, and a color scheme shows if they are over or under allocated.

Make Every Donation Go Further

Given the unpredictable nature of cash flow in philanthropic organizations, the ability to balance and manage project budgets is a must. We make it easy to set and track a budget for each project. Project expenses and hourly wages for staff are summed up and compared against the planned budget, so you can always know where you stand.

Better Analyze Your Data

Our 1-click reporting tools let you make detailed reports in seconds, saving valuable time and resources. With 10 different types of automated reports, you can quickly make a project status report, expense report, or task report and present it to the board. Better reports mean better planning, smarter adjustments and more accountability for the team and the organization.

Centralized, online storage

ProjectManager has free, unlimited file storage, so you can store all of those important documents that nonprofit organizations require, like grant proposals, call lists and tax forms. Since everything is stored in the cloud, you’ll always have access to those files when you need them. You can also import files like Word documents and Excel sheets into the software to create new projects from existing files.

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