Project management software for marketing departments

Our marketing project management software keeps marketing teams organized and on schedule. Your marketing management leader can quickly delegate tasks to designers, copywriters, and advertising teams to keep projects moving along. Teams can also seamlessly collaborate and share feedback on marketing campaigns and client projects.  

Share project assets and have chat-based discussions with your web designers, production teams, freelancers, and clients, all in real time. Then with a few clicks, it’s easy to generate stunning visual reports to show your clients that their marketing project is coming along on-time and on-budget, just as planned!

Simple interface

Get the whole marketing team working together with our software — no complex learning curve and no special training needed.

Cloud-based software

Update tasks, timesheets, and timelines from anywhere, so that your marketing plans, campaigns and everyday tasks are always on track.

Online team collaboration

Digital marketing teams can share, store, and comment on files with no limits! Clients can also be looped in, so they can stay on top of progress.

Create effective marketing plans

All the marketing strategy meetings mean nothing if you can’t create a marketing plan that can be executed efficiently. ProjectManager, is a user-friendly marketing project management software that allows you to plan and track all of your marketing campaigns in multiple project views.

A marketing plan in ProjectManager's marketing project management software
ProjectManager's kanban board are ideal for marketing teams

Manage & track marketing projects

To manage marketing teams, marketing managers need the right software. ProjectManager has time tracking and task management tools to manage your marketing department. Automate recurring tasks, keep track of marketing campaigns, collaborate with your teams and create reports for your clients without needing to slow down for manual processes.

Collaborative marketing project management software

ProjectManager offers simple yet powerful Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists and other project management tools for marketing teams. Collaborate in real time with our marketing project management software.

Track marketing plans

New marketing plans can easily be created from scratch, or if you have similar recurring projects they can be rolled out easily with one-click, using our marketing project management templates. Anyone can easily assign tasks for themselves and for others with just a few clicks! All projects can then be tracked in real time and viewed in the project dashboard.

ProjectManager's list view is ideal for marketing teams

Collaborate with teams and clients

Easily keep the whole marketing department on track with our collaboration tools like team chat, discussion boards, and task comments. Marketing agencies can easily add new users to your team, as well as loop in clients by using guest accounts.

ProjectManager's notifications are a must-have tool for marketing teams

Choose your integrations

Our API allows you to easily connect ProjectManager with your other marketing project management software & tools. With over 400 integration partners, the possibilities are endless. Popular integrations include: Hubspot, Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, QuickBooks, and Google Drive.

ProjectManager integrates with marketing tools

Unlimited file storage

With unlimited file storage, marketing teams can store, share, and collaborate on digital assets like page mockups, web design layouts, and ad copy. You can easily attach documents and images to tasks to quickly share with anyone on the project.

ProjectManager's file manager dashboard is ideal for marketing teams

Create timesheets easily

Your different marketing teams can easily track their hours with timesheets to ensure that your marketing resources are being used in the right places. Time tracking and resource tracking rolls up right into the reporting system, so you can quickly generate budgets and monitor resourcing in one place.

ProjectManager's timesheets are ideal for marketing project management

One-click project reports

With our marketing project management software’s reporting features, you’ll always be able to answer: “Are we going to finish this marketing project on time?” Our software automatically pulls project data into the reporting center so you can quickly run reports and identify which projects are on time and which are at risk of falling behind.

ProjectManager's dashboard and reports are a must-have tool for marketing project management

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