The Freedom to Create—Without Losing Track

Let creative teams flourish wherever they are and whenever they’re inspired. Our creative project management software is user-friendly and customizable to fit any work style. With multiple project views, creatives can use kanban boards to organize their ideas, and managers can use drag-and-drop Gantt charts to plan projects and schedule tasks. Teams can collaborate at the task level, sharing ideas and designs to foster innovation, while managers can take advantage of automated reporting features for fluid tracking. Our creative project management software has everything you need to keep team members, project managers and clients satisfied.

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User-Friendly Software

Our intuitive, beautiful interface means that creative teams can jump right into a project without any training. Plus, our software’s entirely online, so it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Creative Collaboration

Teams are able to comment and attach files to tasks to keep everything tied to the project—making it easy to find what you need when you need it. Store mockups, client notes, design specs and more in one central location.

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Personalized Views

Creative teams are unique, and we give them the choice to see their work how they want. Task lists, Gantt charts, kanban boards and calendars all display the same project information, just in different views.

creative team at work on a computers Helps Creative Teams:

  • Share ideas and foster innovation
  • Keep dates and deadlines organized
  • Balance creative work with practical work
  • Automate tasks to free up time
  • Work with ease
  • Customize work views
  • Report with only one click
  • Invoice with simple timesheets
  • Collaborate with teams and clients
  • Set up workflows

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Plan with Kanban Boards

Plan and track tasks with kanban boards to visualize the creative process from concept and design to feedback and approval. Customizable columns create the transparency needed to keep creative teams in sync. Know exactly where a task is in the production process at any time.

Kanban board for creative project management

Schedule Tasks to Keep Teams Working

Put your project tasks on a timeline: set them in phases and create milestones. Plus, you can create dependencies to avoid blocking team members and progress. And for those last-minute client changes, due dates can be edited with a simple drag-and-drop.

Gantt chart with tasks scheduled

Different Departments Can Collaborate

Our flexible software accommodates a range of projects: create editorial calendars, brainstorming sessions, product mock ups, change logs and more. Create conversations around the tasks in those projects by using comments and attachments. Use an “@mention” in the project and that team member, regardless of their department, will be notified immediately via email.

Task management tool for creative projects

Track Time with Automated Timesheets

Team members can easily track their own time. Simply add the number of hours worked on the task, and the timesheet will automatically update. Submit hours and send to manager, who can quickly approve and expedite invoicing. Accounts are monitored, and creative teams stay within the approved budget.

Timesheet for team time tracking

Insights Into Labor and Resources

Only one tool is needed to make sure your teams, schedules, equipment, holidays and sites are all coordinated and properly distributed. Don’t let anyone be overworked or under-tasked. Online resource management tools let you track everyone in real time, so you can see who’s available for that last minute task.

Manage  workload for creative teams

Do More Than Look at Your Tasks

Filter and manage tasks in the calendar view to better plan and schedule work. Update tasks and add new one right from the calendar view. Plus, tasks from all your projects will be collected here, so you can get a sense of what needs to be done on what day. Deadline management has never been easier.

Calendar feature for creative projects

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