Product Update: Redesigned, More Powerful ProjectManager Mobile App


ProjectManager is excited to announce the release of its updated mobile app, fully redesigned with added functionality. Work more efficiently in the office, in the field or at home.

Use our app to stay connected with your project team no matter when or where they work. Update your tasks whether you’re at your desk or on the job site. Alerts keep you updated and make sure you never miss any important project information.

Some of the improvements you’ll find in ProjectManager’s updated mobile app include:

  • Logging more detailed work hours with decimal places across devices
  • Staying connected with more frequent alerts
  • Finding what you need faster with a more accurate search history
  • Discovering recurring tasks is easier with a new banner and icon
  • Getting into the software is easier with an improved sign-up flow
  • Having the choice to use either light mode or dark mode

Download our free mobile app from the Apple Store and Google Play. Work more productively no matter what industry you’re in. Here’s more detail about ProjectManager’s updated mobile app.

New Look and Feel

We fully redesigned the app, from top to bottom, to make it easier to use. Our new design is modern and simple and navigation is straightforward. Whether you choose dark mode or light mode, the uncomplicated design makes it easy to collaborate with your team.

Improved Usability

ProjectManager’s mobile app means you can take your project on the go. We’ve made that more accessible than ever with easy-to-spot recurring tasks, so you’ll never miss a meeting again. You can log hours from the field, including decimal numbers, and the changes appear instantly. Get instant alerts and view past conversations to stay in the loop.

Robust Features

On top of that, you get time tracking so you can view hours submitted by you and others on the team. No more waiting until you’re in the office to track or log your hours. You get visibility into project work whenever you want it. See what’s done and what’s still to do, then manage your tasks and change assignees, due dates, priority and more.

It’s never been easier to work outside of the office with ProjectManager’s mobile app. Improvements with sign-ins, logging hours, recurring tasks, real-time alerts and more put everything you need to do you need in the palm of your hand.

We no longer work in solely an office setting. Mobile connectivity is essential to getting work done for manufacturers, construction workers, people in IT and any industry. Read more about our mobile app and the updates in the current version by visiting our Knowledge Base.

Download the App for Free

To experience the new features for yourself, download the free ProjectManager mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play and update your status, manage your tasks and track time wherever you are.

Get started with ProjectManager today for free.