September 2021 Product Update


ProjectManager is excited to announce our September release. In this release, we’ve added the ability to organize files into folders and subfolders on the Project Files and My Work pages, giving users more options and flexibility over file management than ever before.

Folder access can be restricted to specific users, and users more control over the files they upload to the software. Users can now drag and drop files into folders, and from one folder to another.

In addition, this release includes minor items and bug fixes.

Please keep reading to learn more about ProjectManager’s September release, and check out our Knowledge Base for more in-depth information.

Introducing new file folders on the Files and My Work pages!

In this release, we’ve added more options to organize and manage project and personal files, as well as the ability to organize your files into folders and subfolders. We’ve also added a Files page to the My Work area, so you can manage your own personal files in addition to project files. Also added are folder security permissions that give you more control over your files than ever before.

A screenshot of the new file storage page in ProjectManager

Manage personal files on your My Work page, too!

There is a Files page added to the My Work area, so you can now manage personal files as well. Files you’ve uploaded to your My Work Files page, or files added to a non-project task, will appear here. This addition lets you centralize personal files, so you always have access to the files you need.

Create folders and subfolders

You can create folders by clicking the “New Folder” button on the Files page. You can create as many folders as you want. To better organize files, you can create subfolders. You can create folders and subfolders for departments, types of projects and more.

Drag and drop files on the Files page

You can now drag and drop files directly to the Files page to upload files faster than ever fore. In addition, you can drag and drop files into folders and subfolders for easier file management.

A screenshot of the folders in the new file storage page in ProjectManager A screenshot of the folders in the new file storage page in ProjectManager

Share files on tasks, or by email

ProjectManager understands that files need to be shared easily and quickly. To share a file with another user, click the “Share” button. Once shared, the recipient will receive an in-app notification and email with a link to the file.

A screenshot of a file being shared in ProjectManager's new file storage page

Secure, confidential files with advanced permissions

There are now optional security permissions that restrict or give user access to folders. This way, you can choose who has access to a file folder for extra security. You can easily restrict access to certain users to keep certain folders confidential. Any user (except Collaborators) can restrict access to a folder.

A screenshot of file permissions in ProjectManager

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

We’ve also made a few minor improvements and bug fixes to improve overall performance.

Improvements to In-App Notifications

The updated our in-app notification feature has been updated, and users will now have more seamless navigation to a linked task from a notification.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates. If you have any feedback or would like to suggest a performance enhancement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].