Product Update: Get More Done with Automation & New Custom Workflows!


ProjectManager’s latest release is here, and it’s designed to make managing your hybrid team’s workflow much faster and easier. This release includes Automation and gives all Business and Enterprise users more customization when using Custom Workflows and Approvals.

Streamline Manual Processes & Reduce Repetitive Work

Automation will take your experience with ProjectManager to the next level. You can now automate the manual processes your team currently does, giving them more time to focus on the work that matters. You can set up Automation once and use it as many times as you’d like. As soon as your Automation is customized for your team’s unique workflow, sit back and let ProjectManager do the work for you.

Maybe you’re a developer constantly creating tasks that require review for testing purposes. Or maybe you’re a project manager overseeing a tight budget and want to be alerted of every cost that is over a certain dollar amount. With Automation, you can set dynamic triggers and actions that make it easy to oversee every important detail of your work.

This feature includes a variety of triggers and actions. No matter your team’s current process, whether it’s simple or complex, it can be automated. Automation allows for the continued productivity of your team, regardless of their location, work style preference or unique role. Please note that Business customers will receive 5 automation rules per workflow and Enterprise customers will receive 20 automation rules per workflow. Feel free to set up as many triggers and actions in one automation rule as you’d like to maximize functionality and flexibility.

Another Exciting Update: Custom Workflows

Hybrid work environments already have a host of obstacles that impede effective team collaboration and fast project delivery, making it vital that manual processes are automated as often as possible. ProjectManager’s Custom Workflow feature lets you fully streamline and customize your workflow.

Project managers can ensure that a specific process is followed for quality and assurance, and team members can get more transparency into how work is moving through each stage. This functionality is suitable for both waterfall and agile project types. Your status is reflected on the powerful new Custom Workflow popup, where you can customize the Status column and move the task from each stage to the next. For example, only a team lead can move a task to the “Approved” status.

Create Better Business Processes by Adding Approvals to Custom Workflow

In addition to Custom Workflows, teams can designate approvers within their workflow that saves time and effort associated with manual processes. Approvers give teams more control and transparency over their workflow, and teams can visually see tasks that need approval on all project views.

They can then use this information to reduce bottlenecks and keep projects moving in the right direction. For example, task approval is crucial for busy teams with many open projects for quality assurance and historical task reporting. With ProjectManager, the task approver will get an immediate alert to approve or provide feedback on the task in real-time. Approval takes place within the project, so the important work is centralized.

Organize & Accelerate Your Work Today

The workflow software features in ProjectManager’s latest release can help your team organize and accelerate their work. Even if you’re just getting started on our platform, you’ll be able to harness these new features to your advantage. If you are a current user, you’ll be able to access Custom Workflows, Approval and Automation next time you log in. If you are not a current user, and would like to see how ProjectManager can help, click here to start your 30-day-free trial.