ProjectManager Now Integrates With Microsoft Power BI


ProjectManager, an award-winning project management software that plans projects, builds workflows and manages resources, has announced its newest integration with Power BI, a Microsoft business analytics solution that visualizes data and shares insights across an organization or embeds them in your app or website.

The integration with Power BI means that users can customize their reporting interface to merge ProjectManager data with other sources to broaden their analysis and get greater insights. Users can now dig deeper into the data to find patterns that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This can lead to more timely project delivery.

Benefits of ProjectManager’s Integration With Power BI

  • Real-time data: ProjectManager’s real-time project data can now be pulled directly into your Power BI account, allowing you to create in-depth custom reports that are always up to date.
  • Shareable reports: Add ProjectManager’s task, project and resource data to other sources and see how your projects are impacting the wider organization.

Why Integrate With Power BI?

When ProjectManager is integrated with Power BI, users can do more with their data. They can share custom reports with stakeholders for more effective meetings and strategic plans. When ProjectManager’s robust tracking tools are combined with Power BI’s reporting interface, processes are improved and organizations can steer themselves in the right direction.

What Is Power BI?

Power BI is a Microsoft platform that visualizes data and is used primarily for business intelligence. It can be used by business professionals with varying degrees of data knowledge. Power BI has a dashboard that reports on data in graphs, maps, charts, scatter plots and more. It offers AI insights to analyze data for users. Power BI can create reports and dashboards, connect various data sources, turn data into visuals and provide company-wide access to data, data visualization tools and insights.

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