ProjectManager Is Excited to Launch Its Jira Integration


ProjectManager, an award-winning project management software company, is thrilled to announce its newest integration with Jira, a leading software development tool. Unite the agile world of Jira with ProjectManager’s planning and reporting tools.

With ProjectManager’s new Jira integration, users can seamlessly import an existing Jira project or enable real-time, two-way syncing between the platforms. Two-way syncing lets you update Jira projects without having to leave ProjectManager. With this integration, you can balance short-term dev work with long-term planning and reporting.

Benefits of Jira Integration

There are many benefits of ProjectManager’s Jira integration.

  • Dev teams can use Jira and project managers can use ProjectManager without compromising on either tool
  • Priority levels, due dates and more can be adjusted in Jira projects after reviewing the overall roadmap or tracking data
  • No need to jump back and forth between systems
  • Project data for sprints and your portfolio will be in lock-step.
  • Track the progress of sprints in real time

Two Ways to Use Our Jira Integration

There are two ways to use the Jira integration with ProjectManager.

1. One-time copy of a Jira project, epic or sprint to ProjectManager

Changes made to the Jira issues later aren’t synced between systems. You get a static copy of your work at a point in time. This allows you to copy upcoming epics to plan your roadmap in the ProjectManager Gantt view. You can also copy completed sprints to see progress in your ProjectManager dashboard, copy an entire Jira project to plan your upcoming work or migrate between tools.

2. Real-time two-way syncing of a Jira project with ProjectManager

Import an entire Jira project to ProjectManager and any changes you make in one system are automatically copied to the other. For example, as developers make progress in Jira, their status changes show in ProjectManager. If task priorities are changed in ProjectManager, developers can see that on their Jira board. The project name changes in Jira.

ProjectManager’s Integration With Jira Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Ensure that you and your developers are in sync with our Jira integration. Choose the epics or springs you want to copy and sit back as the changes are made in either system and sync in real time.

ProjectManager’s Jira integration helps you get more reliable reports on your agile team, set hard deadlines for agile projects without compromising the flexibility of Jira, import Jira projects as a static copy and build reports with that data and bring your agile project into the fold of your greater portfolio reporting.

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