New and Improved ProjectManager Slack Integration


ProjectManager is excited to announce the next level in its integration with the global leader in collaboration, Slack. Now, it’s easier to access and edit project tasks on Slack’s desktop or mobile app. Unlike other integrations, ProjectManager lets you create new projects in Slack, turn messages into tasks and much more.

Benefits of ProjectManager’s Slack Integration

Here’s a list of just some of the benefits you can expect from integrating ProjectManager with your Slack channels.

  • Turn messages into tasks quickly and easily—prevent work from slipping through the cracks.
  • ProjectManager’s integration turns Slack from merely a communication tool into a pipeline for your project.
  • Capture stakeholder messages and turn them into tasks in ProjectManager, even if your stakeholders aren’t using ProjectManager.
  • Keep everything in one place by adding Slack messages to your tasks in ProjectManager, creating a centralized hub to find things quickly and easily.
  • Foster better communication by instantly adding task URLs to conversations so everyone can see the task details without even having to log in and search ProjectManager.
  • Make messaging more robust by referencing tasks and task details right in Slack.

Integrating Slack into ProjectManager helps you work more efficiently, reducing unnecessary meetings and status reports. The data is at your fingertips, whether in ProjectManager or Slack.

Turn your boss’ Slack messages into tasks, find project tasks in Slack to update clients instantly and transform action items in a Slack call into projects and tasks with simple slash commands. It’s easy to update your tasks even if you’re away from your desk. There’s no need to take the extra step of opening ProjectManager, simply update tasks and projects from Slack on your phone.

ProjectManager’s Robust and Easy-to-Use Slack Integration

Install ProjectManager’s Slack integration from the marketplace and you’ll be able to do the following:

  1. Create a project without leaving Slack with the command /project-create
  2. Create a task without leaving Slack with the command /task-create
  3. Assess tasks anywhere by searching with the command /task-search

ProjectManager’s Slack Integration Beats the Competition

Why use other project management software when our integration is much more powerful? Most of our competitors rely on simple notifications and updates in Slack. They don’t give you features that can make new tasks and projects within Slack like we do.

ProjectManager is award-winning project management software that allows you to integrate seamlessly with Slack to make and edit tasks and projects. Empower teams to plan, manage and track their work in real time anywhere and at any time. Join teams at Avis, Nestle and Siemens who are using our software to deliver success. Get started with ProjectManager today for free.