5 Apps for iPhone Project Management


More and more teams are working remotely, which means project managers need tools that can reach their team wherever they are. In fact, mobile PM is fast becoming the industry standard. But it’s not always clear to managers how to manage their teams remotely, let alone which apps to use.

So let’s start with the elephant in the room: Apple. It’s only been 10 years since the introduction of the iPhone, but it’s already staked its claim on our cultural and work landscape. The following apps will support your iPhone project management so you can promote and extend these to your team.


It’s only been about four years since Slack hit the market, and the market hasn’t been the same since. This cloud-based tool has become the default for businesses looking to foster team collaboration in their organizations.

It’s simply a program designed for chatting with others. They didn’t reinvent the wheel, but they did streamline it for teams. What began as an internal tool for its own company, which at the time was developing a now defunct online game, quickly showed its potential as a game-changing product.

Slack offers chat rooms, or channels, where teams can meet and brainstorm around specific tasks or projects. There are also private groups and direct messaging, when those forms of more limited communications are required.

You can save files and conversations are archived. All that data is searchable, which helps to keep the dialogue moving forward, rather than getting bogged down in trying to hunt down some specific narrative stream. The iPhone app is also able to integrate with other apps, which makes it a powerful project management app for your teams.


You are going to take notes over the course of your project, and you might not have a pen and pad or even be in the office when the idea hits you or the data needs collecting. That’s where Evernote comes in handy, literally.

The cross-platform app is designed for note taking, organizing and archiving information. The app allows users to create notes that then can be anything from formatted text to a full webpage. You can also add photos, voice memos and even a handwritten note.

Of course, you might have backing documents that you want attached to your notes, and the app can attach them easily. Then your note can live in a sorted notebook, which is tagged, annotated, edited and commented on‑all of which is searchable.

Like many of these iPhone mobile apps, there is a paid version and a more restricted free one. But if you’re looking for a simple and dynamic way to take notes, as well as capture images and record notes, then Evernote is a great tool for project management.


The award-winning online project management software, ProjectManager.com, offers all the tools you’ll need to manage a project, whether big or small. Its iPhone app gives you the ability to manage your tasks, teams and projects no matter where you are.

You can create whole new projects, add tasks manually or update them from a spreadsheet, then they populate the timeline of the online Gantt chart feature. You now have a visual tool to manage your tasks and schedule, easily adding deadlines and editing with a simple drag-and-drop.

The best part is, because the app is online, you’re getting real-time data. That means you’re working against the latest information for the most accurate picture of your project possible. That also means that your data reflects the status updates of your team instantly.

Speaking of teams, ProjectManager.com is a great collaborative tool for them. They can dialogue at the task level with the online Gantt chart, attaching files, so that all the related conversations and documentation are in one place, and easily searchable too.

You can add new people to you project, whether team members or other project-related personnel, without having to wait until you’re back in the office. And you can share files, photos, links, and more right from the iPhone app. There is also a chat function, so you’re never unable to communicate and move the project forward.

The software is available on any platform. If you’re using other apps in congress with your project, they can be integrated, so you have one place to get all your work done. No need to jump from app to app on your iPhone. It’s all accessible in one place.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another communication platform, but from the all-encompassing Google. That means it fits seamlessly with its instant messaging and video chat, as well as its suite of office software, such as documents, spreadsheets and presentation tools.

As many projects are already wedded to Google products, there’s not likely any learning curve involved, and your team is probably already engaged with one or more of Google’s other uses. Therefore, Hangouts is a strong contender for linking team members for collaborative work.

Google has designs on Hangouts to be part of its telephony product and will integrate it into some of its other tools, such as Google Voice. It makes a strong case for Google as the go-to communication channel for disseminating data to and amongst your project team.

With Hangouts you can dialogue with two or more people through your Gmail account, mobile app or the Google+ social site. However, it’s priority protocol means that most third-party applications that can access Google Talk are unable to connect to Google+ Hangouts.


If you’re looking for a work timer and time sheet app for iPhone, then Toggl might be for you. It provides very easy-to-use tools for tracking time with its one-click, in-app time. You can categorize these times by client, project or some other description.

You can edit, tag and delete entries. If you’d rather manually enter your data, that function is available as well. Plus, the app automatically tracks time you spend on other apps, such as your Gmail or Slack.

There’s also a reporting function, offering a detailed report on how you’ve spent your time. You can filter these reports to get further details. Those reports can be exported and shared.

The iPhone app has a lot of features for a simple time tracker. It has cross-platform availability and offers third-party integrations, as well.

There are a lot of apps for iPhone project management, which is no surprise considering the popularity of Apple’s smartphone. But the more research into the apps you do, the more obvious it becomes that you need one dedicated PM tool that can work with all the apps you use. ProjectManager.com is an online tool that integrates seamlessly with the iOS operating system. Find out by taking this free 30-day trial.

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