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What is a Post Implementation Review

Project post implementation reviews are called many things, so if you don’t recognize the name, don’t despair. Maybe in your organization they are called project post-mortems, or post-project reviews. Maybe you just know them as an acronym: PIR or PPR. Or maybe you don’t have them at all! It may come as a surprise, but plenty of companies don’t bother to assess the success (or otherwise) of their projects, and that is the main reason that we do post implementation project reviews. In the simplest form, they are a meeting or workshop which is facilitated and has a structured agend...

Project Communications Plan

The project communications plan defines when, where, how and with which stakeholders / audiences that you want to communicate. Watch this video to learn a few simple steps you can follow to create a communications plan for your project. ...

What Does A Project Board Do

Does your project have a Project Board? While some small projects manage with just a project sponsor, it is common for projects to have a Project Board. This is a group of senior managers who all have an interest in the project. It is usually made up of the project sponsor along with the main customer for the project and any other senior business, vendor or client representatives. In short, it’s the decision-making body for the project. Project Boards normally meet once a month and the project manager will attend. The agenda for the meeting can vary, although it is usual for the project s...

How to File Project Documents More Easily

Project management creates a lot of paperwork – electronic these days, of course. I spend far more time than I’d like to admit searching for project files. There’s the Project Charter, my schedule, the requirements documentation from the customer, team resource plans, a training log for team development, meeting minutes, my summary list of risks, paperwork to do with changes…the list goes on and on. And all projects are the same. It takes a lot of management to run a successful project, and that requires a level of administrative overhead. As a result, there are dozens of project do...

Procurement Planning Made Easy

Procuring services on your project is a common occurrence but it can be a risky procedure for project managers. The problem is that you have very little say over what a supplier does or how they do it. Once you’ve outsourced the work, they are responsible for managing the process to deliver it, and they might not do it exactly how you would like. That’s why procurement planning is so important as it helps mitigate the risk that something goes wrong. Every project should have a procurement plan, and this will give you confidence that you have put the processes in place to make the pro...

Make Your Project Team Meetings Better

Your diary is probably full of meetings, if it looks anything like mine. Meetings take up a lot of our time and they can be unproductive if they aren’t planned properly. Given all the experience that we have of sitting in meetings, you would have thought that we’d be pretty good at running them efficiently! Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and I’m sure you have sat in plenty of meetings wondering why you were there and what the point of the discussion was. That’s a real waste of time, and time is something we don’t have to waste on                            ...

Project Management Priorities

Watch this short video to learn three tips to set project management priorities that will help you to more effectively manage your time and get work done. ...

How to Create The Best Task Lists Ever

“What should I be doing today?” one of my team members asked me. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know! This was an experienced, professional member of a software development team. This person had used Agile project management techniques in the past to plan his own workload and yet was coming to me to ask where his key focus should be that day. “What do you think you should be focusing on?” I asked. “My task list has about 100 items on it,” he said. “I don’t know where to start.” Ah-ha. That was a problem I could help with, because I use task lists myself for pr...

7 Questions To Ask About Project Scope

When starting a new project, the amount of work to do can seem overwhelming. There’s planning, resourcing, budgeting, communications and quality to manage. But the place to start is with the project scope. The scope of the project is what you are actually going to deliver. Scope defines what the project team will be working on and can help you set priorities if you hit conflicts on the project. You will work with your project stakeholders and your sponsor to define the exact scope of the project. It can be quite tricky, especially if they aren’t very clear about what they want. Here are...

7 PMP Study Tip

It might be some time since you last were in a classroom, let alone taking exams, so the idea of studying for several months to achieve your PMP® qualification can be a bit daunting. The PMP credential is a great asset to your career, so it is worth spending the time preparing properly for the exam so that you have a good chance of success. Here are our top 7 PMP study tips to help you get ready. 1. Build A Study Schedule Every good project starts with a plan, and studying for your PMP exam is no different. Put together a project schedule, detailing what you will study, how long you will st...
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