Project Dashboard

View your projects in action, using this innovative dashboard for your projects...

Your Project Dashboard

This stylish dashboard gives you a graphical view of the status of your projects online. As your team members enter information, dashboard updates automatically to provide you with an up-to-date view of the current health of your projects, while it's happening. Using this smart dashboard software, you can identify those projects which are on track and those that are behind. You can then drill down within the dashboard to identify the root cause of any problems and resolve them quickly and easily.

Customize Your Dashboard

With a single click, you can customize the dashboard as you wish. Simply click and drag the charts around the screen with your mouse. You can also show and hide any of the charts displayed, to ensure that you have the right information at the right time. And you can select the data you want to display in each chart, through the "chart settings". This revolutionary dashboard concept allows you to create your own unique view of your projects.

Create Multiple Dashboards

Do you manage multiple projects at the same time? By using the group and portfolio dashboards included in this project management software, you can view the progress of hundreds of different projects at the same time. These marvellous online project software features allow you to combine projects into groups and view their performance in a single place. In this way, you can manage projects, programs and portfolios easily.

You will see at a glance, which of your projects are on time, under budget and destined for success. And for those projects which are behind, you can use the dashboard to quickly drill down and identify the root cause. This fabulous Project Management Dashboard offers stunning 2D and 3D charts which depict the overall health of your projects. You can:

  • See the health of your projects in real time
  • Drill down to investigate problems and issues
  • Share your dashboards with others
  • Create a summary dashboard for all projects
  • Customize each dashboard as you wish.

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