Microsoft Project

It's like MS Project, but it's simpler and it's online...

Microsoft Project Software

Like Microsoft Project, allows you to create task lists, assign resources and dependencies. But unlike MS Project, you can view your Actual, Planned and Baseline progress all at the same time. You can also view the project status on your very own customized Project Dashboard.

And when your team fill-in timesheets, expenses, risks, changes and issues - the dashboard automatically updates, giving you the status of your project real-time.

Share MS Project Plans

One of the limitations of MS Project is that it's installed on the desktop, so it's difficult for your team to collaborate on a single project plan. You constantly need to be sending each other project files to load, making the process slow and error prone.

But using this new innovative software, you can import your MS Project plans just once and everyone in your team can view it online. You can then set the security levels, so each user can view / edit the plans based on your personal preferences.

This way, you can all work on the same plans at the same time. It's quick and simple to import your MS Project plans and start collaborating today.

Project Server

Are you considering buying Microsoft Project Server? If you are, then you'll need a wealth of Microsoft software to install and support it. And it's not cheap. Instead, use and pay a low monthly rate.

You can import and export your MS Project plans freely for as many projects as you wish. There's no installation process, no upfront licensing costs and no hosting overheads. It's all provided, for a small monthly fee.

Compare Microsoft Project pricing with and then Sign Up today.

Share Your MS Project Plans Online
Simply login and import your plans to share with your colleagues online. Anyone in your team can login from anywhere in the world at any time to see their tasks and enter their progress to date. And you can see the current status real-time, at every minute of the day. This helps keep your projects on track.

Why buy MS Project?
This innovative software includes all of the commonly used features that MS Project has to offer, and more - so why buy MS Project? It saves you the expensive up front licensing costs and it offers you the collaboration features you need to succeed.

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