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With ProjectManager.com, anyone in your team can login anywhere, anytime...

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View the latest information as it happens. ProjectManager.com keeps everyone informed of the plan ahead, by allowing them to view project plans online. This is where using online software is great, because your team can keep in touch with change as it happens. Another benefit is that your team can access the dashboard and reports online. Just email your sponsors, staff and suppliers a login to Project Manager.com to see their reports online.

Collaborate as a Team

If your team is spread around the world, then Web Based Project Management software is for you. Regardless of the time zone, any team member can enter timesheets, update plans and produce reports online. Web Based Project Management removes the dependency on mobile phones, faxes and paperwork to track status. Instead, you can track the status of your projects, across the web. For global teams, Web Based Project Management is definitely the way to go.

Manage Virtually

A Virtual Project is one that involves people from other departments or companies. They may not work for you directly, but are allocated to the project for some of their time. The best way to lead virtual teams is to use Web Project Software to track and report on their progress. Using Web Project Software, every team member can login and enter their progress, whenever they get time to work on your project. That way you never have to chase them up to identify their progress. Simply login to this Web Project Software and the dashboard provides their progress online.

From the airport, internet cafe or at home, your team can update their plans, enter risks, issues and timesheets. And because it's Web Based Project Management, you can watch their progress as it happens. Only with Web Project Software can you monitor and control your projects, real-time. You will never be out of touch because your project progress will be available online, every minute of the day. You can:

  • View project status online
  • Report on progress, across the web
  • Get an up to date view 24 hours a day
  • Allow suppliers and customers to login
  • Access it anywhere, anytime.

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