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3 Project Situations You Shouldn’t Ignore

They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, there are very few straight lines that will get you from start to finish on your project. Every project is fraught with navigational detours that range anywhere from sorting out small issues with your Gantt chart to major project issues. The choices you make in dealing with these issues will ultimately affect the outcome of your project, and your reputation as a confident project manager. One of my colleagues has a sixteen year old son who he is teaching to drive. He’s been regaling us with white-knuckle storie...

5 Ways To Practice Your Presentation Skills

Presentations are scary, aren’t they? Public speaking routinely tops the charts of the things people don’t want to do, but unfortunately in a project management role you are likely to have to give presentations at some point in your career, whether you enjoy doing them or not! Giving a good presentation can be the difference between your project getting more funding or having its budget cut, or your senior stakeholders allocating more resources or not, or you taking the next step in your career or staying where you are. Presentation skills are often tested in interviews and you really don...

3 Tips To Be More Positive

When constantly dealing with the day-to-day reality of project management, it’s tempting for project managers to cross the line and become flat out negative. They may find themselves saying NO to everything, and in general, becoming hard to work with. The following article will outline some things you can do if you find yourself going down that path. “Nope, we won’t be able to do that.” “Nope, that won’t work.” “That’s impossible. We shouldn’t even consider it as an option.” And so it went for about an hour as the project manager kept everyone in the meeting f...

6 Skills That Should Be On Your Resumé

Putting together a resumé is something that you’ll have to do at some point in your career if you want to take the next step as a project manager. But many project managers struggle with what to say. You have to list your experience and previous jobs, but often the projects worked on are so complicated that it’s hard to explain exactly what you did in a short paragraph. One great addition to your resumé is a section for your skills. Add a new heading, “Skills,” and list your expertise under sub-headings. Here are 6 critical skills that should definitely be on your new resumé. 1....

Do You Need A Project Management Certification?

A group of us were discussing our qualifications and certificates the other day. We had people in the group who were highly qualified, one with an MBA with project management specialism, one with an MSc in project management, another with a whole string of letters after his name relating to individual project management credentials from a particular professional body. Then there were some people in the group who had the PMI PMP® credential. Another section of the group had no official project management certifications at all. The thing is, we are all highly experienced project managers, wh...

3 Ways to Excel at a Phone Interview

I’m not sure what’s worse, an interview over the phone or in-person. Wait, I do know …a phone interview! I HATE them! The whole process is designed to knock contenders for the prize of a project management position out of the ring. The following article discusses some of the unique challenges of interviewing over the phone and offers 3 suggestions on how to make it work. Think about how the whole process of finding a job works. If you’ve been diligent about keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and keeping in touch with your network of colleagues and professional contacts, you’...

Choosing The Right PMI Credential For You

There are 7 PMI certifications to choose from, and it can be difficult to know which one to start with when you are setting out on your journey to gaining a credential. Should you opt for one of the more generic certificates, or go for a specialized qualification straight away? Ultimately, it depends on what you want to get out of your studies and where you see your career going. Here’s our quick guide to which PMI credential is the right one for you. Project Management Professional (PMP)® This is the most mainstream of the PMI certifications, covering everything from the management of...

Why Project Managers Need Teams

“Who have I got on the project team?” I asked my project sponsor. She looked at me blankly. “I haven’t thought about it,” she said. “Can’t you manage by yourself?” This was one of my very first projects and I’ve had a great deal more experience at managing project sponsors since then! But even in the early days of my career I had never expected to manage a project by myself. Projects are all about teams, aren’t they? And I had expected to have one of my own, even on this small project. We discussed my expertise and what was required by the project. During the conversa...

What Does Project Success Mean To You?

“I’m keen for this project to be a success,” said a politician I heard during an interview on the radio. I thought that was a strange way to put it. Aren’t we all desperately seeking success? “Keen” simply doesn’t seem to cut it – I want my project managers and project teams to be actively seeking success, committed to it, wanting success so badly that they’ll put the required effort into their projects. While I don’t want them to burn out, I don’t want them to be just a bit keen either. When I talk to project managers about success I get lots of different responses. I...

7 Tips For Managing Teams

It would be lovely to think that all project teams work together in harmony, striving for a common goal, but in reality that isn’t the case. People come to work with a variety of different motivations and because of their prior experiences they all see and interpret situations slightly differently. That’s fine, and it makes working with people so much more interesting! Wouldn’t it be boring if we all had exactly the same approach to life? But it can create problems for project teams, especially when there are disagreements. Here are 7 tips for managing team issues on your project. 1....
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