Project Collaboration Software

Collaborate with your project team online to get things done.

Collaboration as a Team

Collaborate with your team online using this collaboration software. Login each day and check the tasks that you've been assigned and see what's coming up and what's overdue. Then use this collaboration software to send messages to your colleagues, telling them what the status is of your project and how your tasks are going. Using this collaboration software, you can even create To Do lists and share pictures of your team online.

Have Discussions

Discuss what's important with your team, using this project collaboration software. Create a new discussion and add documents, spreadsheets, images and videos to show your team. Your team can then add comments on your discussion and add files of their own. Project collaboration is easy, because you can all see each others comments and postings online. You can then keep everyone updated with the status of your project, real time.


One of the common reasons for project failure is poor communication. You need to make sure that everyone has the right information at the right time. You can do this by collaborating online. Through online collaboration software like, you can message your peers to keep everyone informed, then hold discussions to communicate the project status and upload documents to share with your colleagues.

Collaborating online has never been easier using It allows you to:

  • Perform Twitter like messaging and commenting
  • Share documents, images and videos online
  • Share discussions and comments just like blogging
  • Share global and resource level calendars online
  • Share notes on tasks and projects.

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