PMOs can depend on ProjectManager

Whether managing a project, program or portfolio, a project management office needs a PMO software that can easily scale without sacrificing efficiency or control. ProjectManager is a secure, rapidly deployed and intuitive cloud-based software for PMOs who work with domestic or international teams.  

ProjectManager offers online project management tools such as kanban boards, real-time dashboards, Gantt charts, roadmaps, timesheets and resource management features. This PMO software gives PMOs control over planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting on projects, programs and portfolios no matter how large and complex. Get visibility from the top level to the task level. Focus on key metrics without losing sight of strategic objectives—keeping projects, programs and portfolios aligned.

Manage projects, programs and portfolios

Our dashboards, roadmaps, Gantt charts and one-click portfolio management reports are effective for large projects and portfolios—no matter how complex.

Track global teams alongside your projects

ProjectManager’s time tracking and resource management tools allow you to allocate workload and resources for teams all around the globe.

Collaborate across departments

Comment down to the task level: attach relevant files, documents and images, with unlimited file sharing, to foster efficient team collaboration.

Revolutionize your project management office (PMO)

To make sure your projects are handled efficiently and effectively, the modern PMO needs modern PMO software. ProjectManager gives PMOs high-level visibility into projects, programs and portfolios and lets you allocate resources across the projects in your portfolio.

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ProjectManager's PMO software is ideal for portfolio management

Reduce project costs, increase productivity

Bring all of your departments and teams into one PMO software that meets all of your needs. You can store files, track estimates vs actuals with dashboards, create executive-ready portfolio management reports and approve timesheets securely.

Powerful PMO software

ProjectManager is an online PMO software that allows PMOs to easily manage project portfolios with multiple tools such as portfolio roadmaps, PPM dashboards, calendars and more. Here are some of its key features.

All projects on one timeline

The Gantt chart view gives you transparency across multiple projects to track progress down to the task level. Filter the project roadmap by assignee, project manager or customer for forecasts, or filter by project, client or customer for targeted presentations. All task management columns can be customized to fit your nomenclature.

Create portfolio roadmaps with ProjectManager's PMO software

Manage every project task

Plan better with online Gantt charts that can link task dependencies and prevent project teams from being blocked. Drag and drop start and end dates for easy edits as project schedules change during projects. Collaborate at the task level, adding comments, documents and images, which automatically notify assigned team members for real-time management.

Create Gantt charts with ProjectManager's PMO software

Live data for PMOs

Online PMO software lets you track progress for single projects or programs and portfolios in real time to keep actual work aligned with planned work. Spot slippage and scope creep in an instant. Use portfolio dashboards to view the health of all your projects at once.

Create project dashboards with ProjectManager's PMO software

Automated PMO reports

Get quick and easy reports for high-level project metrics, such as tasks, timelines, status on or workload, plan, workload, availability and variance for individual projects. Customize to reflect just the information and project analytics your stakeholders require.

Print and share portfolio management reports with ProjectManager's PMO software built-in reporting features

Online resource allocation

Compare actual to planned resource allocation. With online PMO software, you can choose to see hours logged on a task list, kanban board or calendar view and track costs with online timesheets. Know who is overallocated, underallocated or out on holiday to prevent bottlenecks. Keep all resources well allocated across your project, program or portfolio.

Workload management view in ProjectManager's PMO software

Manage portfolios

See all your projects listed on one portfolio management page. Change priority or project managers from this view, create custom columns to collect purchase order numbers from suppliers, contractors, et al., and create your own folders to organize projects how you want them.

Portfolio tracking dashboard in ProjectManager's PMO software

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