Is the Wrike Alternative That Does More is an award-winning project management software with features that go beyond what Wrike provides. Our cloud-based tool is easy to use for both project and portfolio management, with Gantt charts that link more than one project and tags that make filtering tasks simple. View task availability, use our unlimited file storage and avoid Wrike’s costly onboarding fees. This Wrike alternative rolls work management and project management into one intuitive platform for your whole team.

Better Gantt Charts

See planned vs. actual progress on tasks, automatically calculate the critical path and link tasks across multiple projects.

Simple Task Management

Get work done as a team with shared kanban boards, task lists and calendars that make collaboration as simple as it should be.

Automatic Tracking

Real-time dashboards automatically track critical project metrics like cost, task progress, workload and more—no setup required.

How Compares to Wrike organizes tasks and projects to add efficiencies and boost productivity. Unlike Wrike, our tool is flexible and works when managing projects, programs and portfolios. Do more than simply manage work; roll out major projects with efficiency and precision.

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Why Seek a Wrike Alternative?

Wrike is a complicated tool that can be a hurdle for even seasoned project management professionals—let alone someone tasked with managing a project without any certifications or longtime experience. has an intuitive interface that’s easy to pick up and is well-known for its customer service and training. The tool itself is also feature rich.

What Does Better Than Wrike

Wrike has many of the same essential project management features that are in, but ours is the more robust software with tools that give you more control.

Planning & Scheduling

  • Drag and drop timelines for easy adjustments
  • Print and export plans
  • Create milestones and baselines and track slippage

Resource Management

  • View available resources
  • Allocate and reallocate resources quickly
  • Lock timesheets when approved

Portfolio Management

  • Monitor with real-time portfolio dashboards
  • Plan on a portfolio roadmap
  • Tasks, projects, programs and portfolios can be quickly accessed

Powerful Project Tools

These are some of the features that make the only tool you’ll need when managing a project, program or portfolio:

Organize Tasks and Dependencies

Plan your projects on Gantt charts and see planned vs. actual task progress, link across projects and automatically calculate the critical path—things that can’t be done with Wrike. Allocate resources and attach files directly to tasks to keep everything in one place.

View All Projects in One Place

Manage projects in your portfolio without needing to jump around. The Overview Projects view provides a high-level view of performance. Organize and group your projects, filter and much more. Color-coding lets you see progress at a glance.

View Metrics for All Your Projects

Track the costs, health and more from one dashboard that automatically calculates data and displays it in easy-to-read graphs and charts. Group the projects you want and monitor them to keep your portfolio performing as expected.

Align Projects With Your Strategy

View all your projects on a single timeline and know when each starts and finishes. View other metrics, such as planned effort and actual effort, to help you determine what resources can be shared and other efficiencies. Filter the list to see just the projects you want.

Know What Your Team Is Doing

View the number of tasks assigned to your team on a project (or across a portfolio) on a daily or weekly view. Drill down to get more details on their progress, planned vs actual effort and more. Unlike Wrike, you can always know what’s due when to help you stay on track.

Give or Restrict Access

Let only team members you choose have access to certain features. Restrict certain areas of the software on both the account and project level. Determine who can export projects or view sensitive data, such as pay rates and budgets. Keep your projects secure.

Why Instead of Wrike?

Where Wrike’s features fall short in functionality and cost, goes the extra-mile and gives you more control when planning, monitoring and reporting on projects.

Our features help you manage projects, programs and portfolios—our tools are flexible to meet your specific needs.

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“ offers fabulous tools that rival Microsoft Project and are indeed a better all round experience.

More Wrike Alternatives

Of course, there are more options to managing your project than and Wrike. Before making a decision, you should look over what’s available and see which software is the best fit for your organization, project and team.

Here are a few top contenders:


Smartsheet has an ease of use that is of great benefit for those who don’t have the time to invest in learning a new complicated software. However, the downside to that is Smartsheet can only take you so far.

While it offers a limited palette of project management features, the software does integrate with a lot of other enterprise tools and apps that can fill in the gaps. Some of those gaps include not being able to assign multiple team members to the same task. The dashboard is limited, which reduces clarity when trying to focus in on progress. While there is some automation, setup is not easy. All in all, if spreadsheets are your tool of choice, give Smartsheet a look.

Microsoft Project

When it comes to Wrike alternatives, the elephant in the room has to be MS Project. It has all the project management tools one would expect, from project scheduling to budgeting. MS Project has a dashboard to follow the progress of your project and reporting functionalities, too. It can be used as a desktop application, and there is a cloud-based version.

While there are several subscription tiers, the price is still on the high end of project management software, especially as you add users. That, and the software is somewhat difficult to use, especially for new users. It’s also not built to work in an agile framework or with scrum teams. If you’re a traditional PM who primarily works waterfall, you may enjoy this tool.


If you’re looking for a lighter Wrike alternative, one that isn’t trying to do everything, then Flow is your software. Like its name, Flow helps teams move through their tasks and focus on what’s important. There are task and subtask management features, a project dashboard, kanban boards and a list view, so teams can manage their work how they’re most comfortable. Unlike Wrike, Flow allows users to flag tasks and add notes.

Considering it’s all about flow and ease of use, though, it has a surprisingly poor user interface. There are many layers of tabs and a user can get lost in them very quickly. It tracks your tasks, but that’s not total project management. The platform just isn’t that flexible, considering how lightweight it is. All that being said, the simplicity in design can lead to wider adoption across your organization.


Another Wrike competitor is ActiveCollab, which provides project management features such as task management, kanban boards, time tracking and billing. It has a simple interface and offers add-ons. It lets you plan and organize by breaking projects down into scannable tasks, which can be prioritized and broken further down to subtasks. It keeps teams accountable, as they’re in charge of their own work and notified when there are any changes. That keeps everyone on the same page about deadlines.

While there is an invoicing option, it’s limited and cannot be used without first inviting the client to join the software. There are filters, but they are also limited to client, category and label. Another add-on that doesn’t add much is the workload feature. There have also been complaints of poor customer service and servers going down. The company is working on resolving these issues, so if you have the time to wait for fixes, this tool may be worth a shot.

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