Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Women are reaching the highest rungs of the corporate ladder. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, offers advice for women seeking to take the next step and become entrepreneurs.

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what women need to do to become entrepreneurs

In Review – Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

The headlines are full of women rising to the top of their chosen industries, Jennifer said, but there is less talk about women entrepreneurs. But they’ve been around for a long time, and Jennifer has learned from the trailblazers to help guide the new crop of female entrepreneurs.

Who Are These Tips For?

Well, they’re for women, of course. But not all women are at a point in their career where they want to be an entrepreneur. They might have other goals and objectives. She noted that the women who can benefit from her video are those who fit the following description:

  • They’re ready, which means they’ve advanced to the point at which they are prepared to take on the risk inherent in any new venture.
  • They’re curious, and they’re ready to take that leap of faith (equipped, of course, with the right skills, experience and tools for the job).
  • They’re looking to grow and seek the insights that come with growth.
  • They want to give back to the industry that set them up to be able to take this next big step in their career.
  • They’re able to create an opportunity which will show itself as a new career. In a sense, they’re creating the platform on which to build their future.

What Are Some Questions to Ask Yourself?

Perhaps you feel as if you’re ready for this next step. Okay. But feelings are notoriously subjective and are certainly nothing to base any big decision on. That’s why Jennifer offered these contemplative questions to ask yourself if you’re considering becoming a female entrepreneur:

  • Can I do this? See if you’ve got the support, both financially and emotionally. Also, honestly assess yourself to see if you’re truly set up to succeed through your skills and experience.
  • Know when to “lean in” or “lean back.” In other words, are you going to be the sole leader, or will you let others help steer the ship?
  • When should you be aggressive? This is sort of a follow-up to the previous question. Sometimes you have to lean in and lean back at the same time, depending on the situation.
  • How do you rely on your gut? While emotions are not a great lodestar, they can can give you a strong sense of whether you’re ready to make the move. Don’t ignore them or listen to them exclusively, but put them in the pot with all your other influences for action.
  • How do you know when to make the leap? That’s the big question, and one that you should have a good answer to after contemplating the above questions.

Tips Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs

Jennifer offered these 17 tips to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Yes, You Can: It takes confidence supported by due diligence, such as clarifying your vision, creating a team to execute it, enlisting support and acting.
  2. Fine Tune Your Value Add: Focus on your target audience, and understand their needs as well as anticipate what they want going forward.
  3. Recognize Your Advocates: You need supporters to help you. Know who they are, and seek them out.
  4. Find Mentors: Similarly, you want to find others who have done what you’re doing and can offer you practical advice.
  5. Engage in Conversations About Possibilities: Always chew on what can and could be to help know what risks you’re going to run into.
  6. Be Persistent: People aren’t going to open doors for you, but don’t give up. No matter how long it takes, know that you’ll break through that threshold.
  7. Trust Your Intuition: That’s not being emotional and acting irrationally, but looking deeper within and observing yourself as objectively as possible.
  8. Practice Self-Care: It’s a hard road, so take care of yourself: sleep, exercise and eat healthy.
  9. Join or Build Community: Be sure to surround yourself with women who will motivate and inspire you, and you them.
  10. Let Your Light Shine: Don’t regulate yourself to the background. This is your show; let people know.
  11. Dream Big: You’re going to have to clear all the hurdles that are between you and your goals. Therefore, you must be confident and ignore those who are unnecessarily negative.
  12. Be Classy, Sassy and a Little Badass: Jennifer heard this phrase from a woman entrepreneur and believes it’s a mantra for success.
  13. Ask for Help: You can’t do it alone, and there’s no shame in seeking assistance.
  14. Lead with Passion: It’s that passion that will make others follow you.
  15. Be Willing to Fail: No success is gained without having a few failures in your pocket. Don’t be afraid to mess up. Just brush yourself off, and start again.
  16. Be Resourceful: You must know who to call and for what.
  17. Learn to Play Golf: Have a pastime in which others in your business partake in order to build those important relationships that create the network to keep you in business.

Pro-Tip: Finding a mentor is a crucial step in your ascent to entrepreneurship. Follow the advice of other women entrepreneurs on how to get one.


Today, we’re talking about tips for women entrepreneurs. Well, you see a lot in headlines today about women rising to the top of their field or their industry. And the truth is, women entrepreneurs have been around for a very long time, many of them have even been trailblazers in most cases.

These tips are for women who are ready to make the leap to be an entrepreneur or maybe even curious or preparing to leap. They may even be seeking insights to grow if they already are an entrepreneur or are finding ways to give back as an entrepreneur. And then some may be creating a new career move.

Well, some of the questions I get when I’m mentoring women entrepreneurs are, number one, can I do this? I think what they’re really asking is how do I do this?

Number two, some wanna know when do I know when to lean in or lean back?

Number three, when to be aggressive?

Number four, how do I rely on my gut? And number five, how do I know when to take the leap?

Well, I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time and I always say I’ve had some grand successes and some epic failures. So, I believe I have some lessons learned and tips to share.

So what I’ve compiled today come from my own journey, and I’ve also reached out to some amazing women entrepreneurs that I know personally, and also some of the men who are advocates for women entrepreneurs.

So number one, to answer the question, yes you can. You can do this. So the tip is, clarify your vision, know what you’re really building or what you’re going for. You’ve gotta be able to create a team, enlist support to help you, and take action. I have a mentor who says, “Version one is better than version none.” Meaning, it doesn’t have to be perfect to start.

Number two. Fine tune your value add. Well, how do I do that? Well, focus on your target audience, understand their needs, and then begin anticipating their future needs by collaborating with them and constantly getting their input.

Number three. Recognize your advocates because sometimes we have advocates who are really rallying for us, and they build relationships on our behalf and really help us to make it as entrepreneurs. So what I mean by recognize them is really know who they are, and work with them. They’re really happy to help you know and develop…know what your strengths are, know what your weaknesses are, and how to develop yourself.

Number four. Find mentors, find people who have been there and done that for what you’re trying to do.

Also, number five, engage in conversations about possibilities. Number one, that gets you excited, it also gets other people excited about what you’re trying to do. And you never know who may know who then put you in touch with somebody that can help.

Also, number six, be persistent and don’t give up. There’s a saying that says, there’re 10,000 hours that it takes to become an expert in something. And then after studying so many people who are very successful in business, who I watch and follow, some say it can take as much as 10 years or more to really make something happen. So what I see oftentimes, and I’ve even experienced myself is, wanting to quit before you finally get there. So it takes time, so be willing to be persistent and keep going.

Number seven. Trust your intuition. There’s one thing about women they say is, we have a good intuition, so listen deeply within what you sense, and what you know and feel to be true. And also, observe things going on outside yourself. Sometimes if we observe what’s going on the outside, we can see and trust our gut and intuition about which way to go.

Number eight. Practice self-care. I think most people, whether it’s men or women, need to prep practice self-care, but sometimes women we don’t give ourselves time to do that like sleep, exercise, and eat nutritious food, and reach out for resources. Some people say, “Well, what’s a resource?” Well, that could be anything to like, sometimes I may go for massages or sometimes I just need to be on my own a long time so I can journal or just think things through or do my own planning. And when we begin doing these things, we can inspire other women that we know who are entrepreneurs to do the same.

Number nine. Join a community and if one doesn’t exist, build one. Surround yourself with people or women who motivate and inspire one another.

Number 10, let your light shine. Sometimes women can be reluctant to be seen for what they’re doing. Well, when you’re doing something on purpose and in your mission, you wanna reach and touch and be in service to as many people as you can. So with that, let your light shine and let people know what you’re up to.

Number 11. Dream big and avoid the naysayers. And I would submit to add the sabotagers. There are some people who just aren’t gonna get what you’re trying to do, maybe they’re afraid or maybe they wanna do it too. And then there are always people who are going to sit there and tell you why not to do it or even sabotage your efforts. So just avoid those.

Number 12. I love this phrase, this amazing woman entrepreneur that I know of said this and I love it. Be classy, sassy, and a little bad too.

So, number 13, ask for help. Recognize when there are some things that maybe you don’t know how to do. Sometimes people are reluctant to ask for help, they think they have to do it all themselves and that’s where we can really fail. So think about what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, and ask for help on how to do things. There’re people who have already been there done that, who are really happy to help.

Number 14. Lead with passion. If you don’t have passion about what you’re doing, you’re probably misaligned. So, again, lead with the passion if you’re not, maybe look at where things may be off a little bit.

Number 15. Be willing to fail and mess up. As an entrepreneur, we’re going to mess up, we’re not gonna do everything perfect, just embrace that and be willing to fail. So there’s a saying that says, “Fail fast and fail often.” So, be willing to just get back up and try again.

Number 16. Be resourceful. There is, know who to call for what. And you don’t have to be everything to everybody. So that gets back to knowing what you’re really good at, and maybe where you need to complement or supplement your skills. And then number

17, Learn to golf. And somebody said, “Did a man say that?” And I said, “Actually, no. A woman entrepreneur who’s very successful wrote a book about learning to go golf.” I would say tennis, I’m more of a tennis player. So you don’t have to play golf or tennis, find your thing where you can go out and network with people and build strategic business relationships.

So, these are some of the tips that I found helpful as a woman entrepreneur, and I hope they help you too. But if you need a tool that can help you organize and put your plan together as an entrepreneur, then sign up for our software now at


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