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Free Academic PM Resources to Help You Learn:

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Top 3 Business Skills for Project ManagersTop 3 Business Skills for Project ManagersApril 25, 2016What are the business-oriented skills that project managers need to stay competitive in today’s world? Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you in this video.
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Excel Project Templates

To-Do List Template - A to-do list template is your first defense against the chaos of mounting tasks. It’s a way to take that onslaught of work and organize it, prioritize it and see at-a-glance when each individual assignment is due. This is how you start to manage workflow and create the beginnings of...
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Work Schedule Template - A work schedule template is a crucial arm in handling your employee resources, so you can control your project as it progresses to a successful completion. Organize your team’s work schedule to better manage your project’s workflow with this simple work schedule template. You can note the days your team...
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Gantt Chart Template - Create a visual tracking of your project tasks with our free Gantt chart Excel template. It’s a great way to see the duration of the overall project. Once you schedule your tasks on a Gantt chart you’ll never go back to the old-fashioned task list. Why You Need an Excel...
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Free Training Guides

Project Management: The Ultimate GuideWhether you’re a certified PM or just someone who is managing a project, we’ve created this guide to help you learn the best PM practices to help make your projects a success.

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Gantt Charts: The Ultimate GuideEverything you wanted to know about Gantt charts, and how to use all of its features to help you plan and manage your projects.

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Excel for Project Management: The Ultimate GuideMany teams use Excel on their projects, but it can be tricky when you’re not an Excel pro. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Excel throughout your project, plus you’ll get free Excel templates to help you get started.

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